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WTD - 6 plug mains block

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https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MCRU-SILVER-PLATED-DIY-MAINS-EXTENSION-BLOCK-AUDIOPHILE-FITS-LINN-KRELL/153169977808?hash=item23a9a461d0:g:anQAAOSwHShbkaJu  I've got one of these that I was using briefly - yours for £25 + post - I've also got 2M of silver plated Supra lorad 2.5 (retail £25/M) that I could offer for an additional £25 - you'd just need a plug :D - drop me a PM if interested and I can send you a couple of pictures - MH (edit to add that this has now sold to another wammer)

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No problem - BTW, might not look all that posh, but I would strongly recommend the Missing Link stuff - some of the only mains cabling I've tried that genuinely seems to make a positive difference - MH

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On 03/03/2021 at 13:29, Tim F said:

Looking for something higher end, but thanks MS

I’ve just bought a Titan one from Kronos av £199 and it’s really well made with point to point wiring not buz bar. I can recommend it 

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