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RESCHEDULED !!! Lurches' Off the Leash at last, Southcoast Bake-off, (PART1)(PO19)SUNDAY 25th of July !!!


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Lucky there was not a disaster with the TT as I lifted it to pack away I found the back foot was only hanging on by the weight of the TT. In getting it level during setup I had unscrewed it all the way. That may have accounted for it being a bit vibration sensitive. 

Thanks John for another great BO and so lovey to finally see some everyone who was there. 

Jessica xxxx

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Another great BO at Lurch Towers meeting new and old friends, was interesting to hear Jessica's phono stage and Henry's power amp in a Rogers Cadet chassis, both of which did their designers proud.

Hard to believe, but there was too much food, John will put on a couple of stone if he eats that lot.

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Great to meet up with some old faces, as well as a couple of new (to me) ones (Henry/Toprepairman and Paul/Maverick) after the trials and tribulations of the past sixteen months!

Thank you John, for your hospitality, as well as the signature Maris Piper chips and Fish Fingers!

Great company, great music and great food!

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thanks to all for the company, back home 30 mins ago after a stop to collect something en route

special thanks for to the host for food and overnight accom

kind regards,  


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Thanks John for kicking off the post-apocalypse bake-off season. As already said, it was great to catch up with (not so) old friends and make new ones too. Two completely different systems, both sounding sweet. After hearing how many cartridges you've been through recently, John, I'm looking forward to hearing the next one!

It's always a nice surprise to hear how a system assembled from various people's components can still deliver the goods, musically-speaking. Jessica's TT and amazing phono stage really delivered the goods through the Cadet and Toy Towers - probably not a combination anyone would have chosen for themselves, but it was thoroughly enjoyable, so much so I spent more time listening to that than the main rig (sorry John).

Shame I can't make the next BO (double-booked) - hope everyone enjoys it and I look forward to seeing the photos

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