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Ok Don't all shout at once, but mains blocks? Recommendations value etc

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There is a good technical reason why all equipment should be plugged into one mains block strip  It can help reduce inter chassis noise currents flowing in the OV line in the more common single e

Olson is a good shout - well made, but without Audiophile mark up. Those who already have them, can give recommendations on model, as there is a baffling array of alternatives. Their filtere

Without even bothering to look up those (probably outrageously expensive) devices - there's no such thing as a 'primary' earth in a mins PDU - they all share the same earth, live, neutral. Star earthi

On 23/03/2021 at 20:56, ANADROL-50 said:

If possible is it not best to plug amplifiers direct to the wall ?

It is for me.  Anything else killed the bass. 

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So I just received an Ansuz Mainz8 A2.

Keep in mind that this change also included a change from UK plugs to Schuko, so no fuses, and the Ansuz A2 Schuko power cable that will be used for the distributor power from the wall  is  currently going from the distributor to my DAVE and the DAVE cable (UK plug) is being used to connect the distributor to power.

Previous setup was two of the best multi-socket adapters that Currys had available, each one plugged into it's own power socket, with the components and speakers plugged into them (each speaker into it's own adapter), with other low-power adapters also being used from those multi-socket adapters.

So I cannot say that the distributor alone is being assessed, and it did take about 15 minutes to change everything over, but... there's a significant difference to my ears. Bass has more authority and detail, other details are enhanced and there seems to be more air and there's a more natural feel overall. I'm listening to Clapton Unplugged and there are small subtleties in his vocals that I had not noticed before. I just played Hey Julia by Robert Palmer and the glockenspiel in the background is far more apparent. I'm surprised.

This stuff isn't cheap, although I didn't buy new, and I expect the Nordost stuff might have a similar impact. I'm sure it also depends on your setup and the quality of power you have.

For me, in my setup, this has taken things up a level and I'm really happy with the result.

And no, it's not something that would satisfy our A/B double-blind friends, but it's good enough for me. xD

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