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Craft Recordings One Step Pressings - Sold out in 30 Seconds

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Craft Recordings have started doimg one step pressings like Mofi. The first one  - a John Coltrane album - sold out straight away. 

The second one is Yusef Lateef's Eastern Sounds 

https://craftrecordings.com/pages/small-batch?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Craft Newsletter 3%2F24&goal=0_51c5736fae-93581ca486-94751728&mc_cid=93581ca486&mc_eid=62d909cb12

It went on sale today for a subscribers' pre-sale at 3pm UK time.  I went on at 3pm on the dot using the pre-sale code and added it to my basket. The whole lot had sold out by the time I clicked on the next screen. 

I think these small batch pressings need to be medium batch :D

Similar with the Blue Note Tone Poet releases - apparently they are only pressing about 300 of each one, which makes me wonder how lucrative it can actually be for them. 

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Yep, speculators for sure. Don't worry, there will soon be loads for sale on Discogs and ebay.

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Bought the coltrane not impressed at all

duff digital scan cover & did not sound as good as the Kevin gray analogue productions @ 1/3rd of the price

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