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I get a number of emails from Hifi and Car Audio companies in China about their products, I ignore most of them but these guys have a line of porcelain carts that I found fascinating (to look at).

What do we know about these guys? Anyone using any Jasmine Audio products?

Link to their website, specifically the porcelain cartridges 

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Saw these on static display at Munich high end last twice I was there but didn't see anyone using them (to my knowledge anyway). Was curious myself. Two models, neither of them breaking the bank in terms of price, though competition is pretty intense in that £600-£1000 sort of area.

Would certainly like to hear one. They aren't new on the market, been around a few years now. Not sure anyone is distributing them in the UK, or even in the US any more.

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Did some searching .. they do a SME mounting type bracket with five arm mounting inserts  15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 23.5mm and 25mm .. This could prove very useful for anyone with an SME type cut out on the arm board seeking to mount other arms (My Mission 774 springs to mind and I am no sure if 25mm is big enough to take a Rega RB250 and others - which also would then provide height adjustment).   

Looks good  https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jasmine-SME2R10-Smart-Tonearm-Adapter-Turntable-Parts/124522890681?hash=item1cfe2485b9:g:aYcAAOSwvJVeJA7U


Here is the cartridge  https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jasmine-Turtle-MC-phono-cartridge-Unique-porcelain-body-Swiss-heart-Hi-End/123862492634?hash=item1cd6c7a5da:g:cO0AAOSwtPddRZv7  and a dearer one   https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jasmine-Bird-MC-phono-cartridge-Unique-porcelain-body-Swiss-heart-Hi-End/123862455304?hash=item1cd6c71408:g:XaEAAOSw-DJdRZBy

I couldn't find the tonearm though 

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Hmm. The cartridge body looks early Yuan dynasty circa 1300AD. Must have found a cache of them in some emperors tomb !

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