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FS Clearaudio Concept Turntable with extra Perspex Lid

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I'm selling my unused and spare Clearaudio Concept turntable. I bought it a few years ago and found that an Ortofon 2M Black works really well with it but the TT is for sale without a cartridge unless you'd like to make an offer for the 2M Black.  

I *think* that I have the box but it's in the shed and I have a load of boxes piled up so will dig that out.  Included is the expensive Perspex Lid and the small mechanical scales (work brilliantly) that are needed as electronic scales don't work unless you have one that measures the tracking weight at vinyl height because of the magnetic arm bearing.

I have a ton of photos that I can email anyone that's interested but hope this pic clearly shows it's in great condition.  I'd give is an 8 out of 10 as there is a tiny (very tiny) impression on the outer aluminium but you'd need to be very fussy to spot that.  The arm lift tends to sag after being raised, I just haven't got around to tightening whatever it is but that's the only thing I can think of.  

I'm based in Chipping Norton and am looking for £700 which is about half what I paid for it so think that this is priced to sell.  It is a very, very good sounding turntable and is only for sale now I have my Technics 1200G.  Please pm me a message if you would like high resolution photos etc.  



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I am open to offers with this including a 2M Black cartridge (that has about 600 hours but will get you going before needing a stylus replacement) B|

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