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Excellent video on audible differences between speaker cables

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On 31/03/2021 at 00:18, Gray said:

Good question.

He made the point that the slightly better 8TC measurements could have no audible benefit.

So we can only assume it really is just because he likes the look of it.

I think the 8tc looks like something a 5 year would assemble.

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The marketing guy in some of the Audioholics videos has even bigger arms. Probably running up and down the stairs with power amps. Or they’re in training for the cable wars...........

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I have heard big differences in speaker cables, and currently use some aftermarket Deep cryoed Mogami 3104, as it's the best i have heard in my system.

I agree with previous comments about the problem with a fixed impedance being used to do the comparison..just don't think it represents the true spectrum of music. Synergy is key..

I also agree that good cables shouldn't be telephone number prices..

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If calibration labs use standard wire at that level then spending silly amounts is beyond me. Good quality of the spec required then yes. Beyond that a big No. I have worked in these labs with equipment costing millions and standard cables used. I wouldn't waste silly money but agree it's down to your own ears if you think you can hear a difference.

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On 29/03/2021 at 18:41, Glissando said:

The problem is there are just too many variables involved for most cited differences to be valid for everyone. We all just dont all hear the same way so not repeatable for everyone.

  • Different ears
  • Different brains
  • Different experiences
  • Different preferences
  • Different listening rooms and speakers
  • Different system componments

Hifi opinions are very much like reviewing food. If a group of 20 people go out to a restaurant for a curry, some will say its the best they have ever had, some will diss it as being poor, other will say its too spicy while yet others think its not spicy enough, etc. Here are just a few of many comparative tests that have been done over several decades! There was even the $Million speaker wire challenge which Michael Framer took up some years ago but his fellow opponent withdrew so it never officially took place. 




How food tastes? That is a useless analogy.

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If you don't use cable there's a huge difference... no sound. The other difference is how light your wallet ends up. Just buy what you like the look of, perhaps a brand you admire because they make quality gear for good prices. If you go for a more expensive range, it'll look good but you won't perceive any difference according to that opening video. Makes sense to me.

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On 29/03/2021 at 18:11, Nifkin said:

I reckon when his head and arms did match he used to get sand kicked in his face. So he sent off for one of those Charles Atlas offers at the back of DC Comics.

‘Follow....Mr Apollo....”😂

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