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For Sale XTZ 99.38 MKI Floorstanding Piano Black Speakers.

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XTZ 99.38 Floorstanding Speakers.

These towers are in excellent condition. There's some mild marks here and there. But nothing too bad at all and once in position look great. These are the mk1 version with external crossover units.

Speakers are obviously in superb working order and in my opinion sound lovely.

The specs are here . And an avforums user review here.

These sound great. The towers have a 10" bass driver on the side, giving deep bass. Has lovely crisp top end due to the Fountek Ribbon tweeters and the drivers are Seas.
Many tuning options and come with jumpers and port plugs.

I have the boxes for the towers and their crossovers.

These have been a great pair of speakers to me and I think are great bang for buck at £600
I'm located just outside Milton Keynes, 5 mins from J14 on the M1.






Speaker 2.jpg


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Looks and sounds like a very good deal to me. Lovely looking and look well cared for.


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Decent hardware for the money!

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