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Digital Music Streaming Finally Sounds Better Than The LP-12?

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My best upgrade so far this year has been switching off SO and reintroducing a KK to get an all-analog chain for my LP12. Ahhh... happy days....

I rarely play a track on my LP12 followed by the same track digitally and compare. I like to think I can enjoy the best of both worlds (even though I accept there are far better systems than mine). So

The destroyed by mastering: so true. I recall wandering into the Grigorian Latelier, a classical music shop in downtown Toronto, many years ago. When I entered, I was enveloped by a voice I recognized

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6 hours ago, alan hird said:

Perfect sound for ever?

I'm having a flashback to 1982. Guess parachute pants are coming back too... 

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We may have to wait for the New Urika II to run a fair comparison, though 🤔

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I have been listening to vinyl since 1953 and still enjoy the warm sound it produces

I have vintage hifi systems

Quad 405 ,44 preamp, LINN LK100 and Majik-, Garrard 301 with SME 3012 arm and assorted MM, MC, Ortofon, Shure cartridges.

Rodgers LS3/5A and Quad electrostatic speakers, plus Linn Keilidh AKTIV, with HIQUPHON tweeters

Also dabble in streaming and have an IFI Z DAC coupled with a Monitor Audio (WT-1 and WR-1) wireless link between computer and amps. Sounds good for a very moderate outlay


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A few years ago I started to drift away from my system. For one reason or another I ended up buying an Akurate LP12 with a Radikal power supply. I did not even have that many records but thought might as well get something that as a good lineage and will be upgradeable. This turned out to be a great move and have been enjoying my system ever since. 

That first LP12 feed a McIntosh C70 and all was good. Then one day I decided to sell everything but the LP12 and a McIntosh MC152 power amp. I purchased a SDSM and ultimately a Urika-II and Ekos SE. From a vinyl playback side I could not be happier. Even vinyl hating friends admit it sounds very good.

However, over time I have decided some things work better with vinyl and some things work better as digital. Examples...

  1. Rush 200g DMM vinyl releases vs. digital - Vinyl wins - better vibe
  2. Genesis Remasters vs. digital - Vinyl wins - the CD/SACD are too hot and terrible sounding. The vinyl from the same stereo mixes are much better. In fact, my vinyl hating friend want me to make digital copies from the vinyl because it is so much better.
  3. Tangerine Dream (Phaedra, Rubycon, Ricochet) - SACD wins - the subtle detail and imaging is better here, especially the quiet parts
  4. Blade Runner Soundtrack - Vinyl wins - the SACD is great but the vinyl nudges it out ever so slightly but in reality it is almost a draw
  5. Pink Floyd - Vinyl wins - same as Rush and Genesis, the vibe is better.
  6. Brian Eno - CD wins - Have not found a vinyl version quiet enough to make it worth the effort.

These are some examples but at the end of the day I am happy I have both on tap and will buy the source that suits the music the best to my ears. 

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