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FS Norma Audio REVO IPA-140 with DAC Mint Condition


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Super Wammer

I cannot believe no one has ‘snapped’ this up. 

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Interested in a Sugden ANV-50 if there’s a deal to be done ?  Otherwise I’ll be removing this one as not had any interest. 

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9 hours ago, The Oracle said:

Hi CrillboBaggins,

Is the Norma Rev-140 still for sale please?



Hi Steven, sorry no it’s now sold. 

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Hey I can’t believe you couldn’t wait for me 😂

Reading owners forum made me think you had sold it. 
very tempted with the 70 watt model on account of 100dB

speakers. I don’t know if power o/p is the only difference, guess I’ll 

have to ask Norma. 
Cheers Steven 

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