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Wyred4Sound DAC2V2SE (price drop)

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I bought this around 15 months ago, and I have been very pleased with it.  However a change in pre amp and power amp means that I'm now looking at R2R DACs.

I have the original box / packaging / manual / remote control (unused). 

Location = Colchester. Price = £1600   £1250 plus postage (around £12, I suspect).  The DAC2V2SE retails for £3699 new (please see the Elite Audio website).  

EDIT: more photos added. 

EDIT: price drop. 


IMG-0986 1620812077_81.131.231.191.jpg

IMG-0987 1620812166_81.131.231.191.jpg

IMG-0988 1620812195_81.131.231.191.jpg

IMG-0989 1620812240_81.131.231.191.jpg

IMG-0990 1620812267_81.131.231.191.jpg

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I use the dac2v2 - just not the se - although I did have the femto clock upgrade. I have been very happy with it indeed. I hope the sale goes well for you.

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