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Silver-plated OFC 3m mains cable

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My cable clear-out continues! This is a 3 metre mains cable which I had made by a firm in Brighton which also manufactured two 1 metre cables which I still use in my system and are fabulous - this is a 3 metre cable I used for a while to run a mains block when my system was in a different position and the wall sockets were further away.  It’s extremely well made, slightly stiff as you’d expect with solid core conductors, and in excellent condition. Its sound is very clear and detailed, with a fast dynamic balance - but not lean or fatiguing in any way, providing excellent attack and clarity. An assessment at the time put it ahead of the TCI ‘Constrictor’ and Russ Andrews ‘Reference PowerKord’ and close to the Nordost ‘Shiva’.  Its specifications are:

3 x 2.0mm2 silver-plated solid core OFC copper conductors 14 AWG cable (thus giving plenty of headroom for any component)

Twisted cable design provides excellent RFI/EMI protection

Teflon (PTFE) insulation, military spec

Polyofelin outer layer and external nylon braid

Otto Heil IEC - 15 amp rated

MK Toughplug (13 amp fuse)

Large diameter ferrite clamp filters high-frequency noise

Pins on IEC and mains plug treated with ‘Deoxit’ and ‘ProGold’ contact cleaners to remove contaminants and prevent oxidisation

Looking for £55 plus delivery (around £5 RM tracked).





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That looks like an excellent cable for an excellent price! GLWTS.

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18 minutes ago, Gizza said:

That looks like an excellent cable for an excellent price! GLWTS.

Thanks - it is!  🙂

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PM sent just after it was listed re both cables.

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