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PAIR of genuine First Watt F4 amps

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These are the genuine article, hand made by the master himself!

Original 240V models imported directly from Reno Hifi. Complete with original boxes. Both in very good condition (one has some slight scratches on the top of the front plate, but only noticeable on very close inspection). Both in perfect working order. I’ll keep them connected up to demo for the lucky buyer.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you know all about these 'amps'. Not really amps, more 'impedance converters', as they have no gain. So, they act more like buffers between your source and your speakers. In this way, you get to hear what your source really sounds like. Provided your source outputs enough voltage (I’ve found anything over 1.5V or so to be enough), you should be fine. (If you have particularly insensitive speakers, you might need at least 4V or so.)

I doubt you’ll find a pair of these anywhere else, perhaps ever. I can’t find a single one listed anywhere at the moment – Reno don’t have any. None on Audiogon. Once these are gone, you’ll be hard-pushed to find another, let alone a pair.

So, why would you want a pair? Well, so that you can use them in balanced mono or single-ended bridged mode. Or in a multi-amp active setup perhaps? You can even feed the output of a low-powered SET into them, and let them do the hard work of interfacing with the speakers! There are so many ways to use these amps, you’re best off looking at this review to find out more: https://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/firstwatt6/f4.html

I’d prefer these to be collected in person, and cash on delivery or bank transfer before/during pick-up. A gift payment via PayPal would be OK too. I have the original boxes, so it would be possible to ship them, but I'd really prefer not to.

Pricing is difficult, because it's next to impossible to find a pair. They cost 4000 USD new each. Edit: Actually, I think the price was closer to 3000 USD new each. With import taxes and shipping, that'd be about £6000 for the pair. I'm looking for around £3000 for the pair. Location: Leamington Spa.

Feel free to ask any questions - just PM me. (More pics on request.)


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Exotica indeed  :x

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