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Many will already know about this but for those that do not hopefully a useful add on

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Above is a link to a simple way to add in to your Raspberry Pi an automatic unattended software update for the Linux loaded as the base for the Pi . Once you have follwoed all the instructions this will replace you ever having to do the standard update of
sudo apt update
and then
sudo apt upgrade
With this add included that will be done automatically and your Pi will now have any new updates installed every day .
I know there will be some on here who will already know all about this and apologise for coming late to the party but I have not read about this before and have been doing a manual update every day or so to keep things as they should be . Adding this to my server and all of my various Pi based players now means one less job to think about and a very warm feeling that things are all in order.
Being of the sceptical type I only installed this to one Pi first and left it there for about ten days . When I would run the above manual update on the Pi with this script added I would get the message after checking that nothing needed updating . Running the same manual script on other Pi's in the system would have updates to do , not every day but at least six out of the ten days . So having satisfied myself that this works I have now installed it in all my Pi's and will leave them to get on with it.
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I generally do a manual update once a week :)

I use sudo apt update (and sometimes check what is being updated) and sudo apt full-upgrade.

Sometimes autoremove has to be run, and it is neally always best to reboot after an update o.O

I did start using a cron job but decided I preferred to have some sort of control (even if I don't have the understanding :()


Each to their own :ph34r:


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I have a pi running an app 24/7 and certainly didn't know about this. My python app reboots every morning in the wee small hours so it can forget all its previous day's stuff and load data that's only available on the day. This will be a real boon to keeping it up to date. Thanks Andrew.

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Just to add that this add on also runs autoremove and that is covered .

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I have been using this add on for a few weeks now and because of my own OCD I have kept running sudo apt update manually myself just to check things are going as they should . It is pleasing to note that so far every time I have run the update it reports that all packages are up to date and nothing to run.

I will again because of my own paranoia still run the update routine every now and then but it is now likely to be every week rather than every day as I used to .

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