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Introducing the Naim Solstice Special Edition Turntable, Limited to 120 in the UK, Simply Stunning!

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Hi Everyone,

Well this is certainly exciting news as today we can announce the awesome Naim Solstice Special Edition Turntable, this is Naim’s first ever turntable and it really is something very special indeed, the only bad news is that it is limited to 500 worldwide with only 120 in the UK so once it is gone that is it but that certainly guarantees it instant classic status, I really can’t see the 500 hanging around long.

As a quick overview it is a complete package so it comes with the turntable, the re-engineered Aro arm, MC Cartridge, Phono Stage, Power Supply, Special Edition Book and Vinyl, so a really lovely package which retails for £16,000, I haven’t heard it yet myself but I know a couple of people who have and needless to say it doesn’t disappoint bringing that Naim sound to vinyl.

We have managed to secure a handful of the these packages but I am being told once they are gone then there will be no more so if you would like a piece of Naim history and a brilliant ready to go turntable please feel free to get in touch so not to be disappointed.

Please find more information below on our website and any questions please either give me a call or send me a mail.


Many thanks,










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