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40 Years Too Late but Just Discovered Gary Numan, New Album 'Intruder' Is Amazing!

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to put out a quick post to say that I am totally addicted to Gary Numan's latest album 'Intruder', and highly recommend you give it a listen if you haven't already, fantastic music, extremely well produced, on PMC Speakers apparently, with a great story running through it where basically the Earth is talking to Humans on how we are ruining the planet, if you just try the title track 'Intruder' that will give you a good taste of the album and is my favourite track but it is a really strong album for the first track to the last.

There has been a lot of music released this year, which is to be expected I guess with artists not touring thanks to Covid, but I have found most of it quite mediocre to be honest but this album really stands out as the album of the year so far by quite some margin, it really will take some beating this year, for me there are hints of Massive Attack, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails + others which is no bad thing and it is a real grower and well worth sitting down and reading the lyrics whilst listening as they are pretty powerful and makes you think how we really haven't done a great job looking after this planet.

I've never been a big fan before in all honesty, more that he passed me by somehow, so I am around 40 years too late to this party but I have now ordered all his back catalogue and booked 2 concerts for next year which I really can't wait for, I am now discovering that very much like Bowie he has had a very illustrious career reinventing himself along the way and I find it incredible that after over 40 years he is still turning out music this good, that really is rare to have that kind of staying power.

Right I'm off to listen to it again on our new Wilson Alexx V's, also please find a link below to a great interview with Gary Numan about this album -


And a link to the Intruder Video 👍



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Thanks for recommending this. I was a Numan fan from the late 70's but lost touch after a few years.

This sounds great and is giving my system a workout after a long 7 days at work.

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