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open baffle speakers vs closed box designs

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has anyone any experience of open baffle speakers inkluding subs, compared to the typical klosed box designs we're used to?

I'm thinking specifikally abbout the open baFFLE designs like those offered by GR- Research and similar. 

I've been watching a lot of the GR- Research videos on YouTube recently and the work that Danny Ritchie does in fixing problems with and improving commercial speakers is certainly very impressive, by developing better X-overs top  quality parts, plus his Tuesday Tech talk series which covers many of the basics, and i have to say, the open baffle designs do sound pretty compelling, but how would they be described by people used to Linn Active and Exakt setups ?

As the GR  designs are available as kits, it seems a pretty tempting prospekt to build one of the models

best Rgds


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6 hours ago, steve1138 said:

I guess not....

Just read your post - did you mean to post in the Linn Owners Club? I suspect you’ll get more response in the general WigWam 2 Channel forum - https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/forum/8-2-channel/


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good idea, but thought i'd try the fellow Linnies first, thanks

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I have OB + subs ...

With binaural recording I have done, you can have an idea.

The microphones not able to record the proper dynamic, it give a little canny sound and lack mid range snap/presence.

The bass presence is pretty accurate (using sennheiser hd650)

Here organ track

Here electronic track

Here vocal jazz track

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Interesting videos and observations from GR Research. Reinforced my views HiFi magazines aren't so good in helping buyers make informed decisions. Watched videos pertaining to Magnepan speakers and his account matched my experience. Love to have my MG12s upgraded, but in the UK, I know of nobody carrying out such work.  I was impressed enough at Magnepan demo to get a pair of MG12s. Tried to get them right in my lounge, but couldn't crack it. Tried again in smaller dedicated room: not quite right. Using tone controls to reduce impact of high and low frequencies and careful positioning revealed MG12s' strengths. However, it's easier with conventional speakers: e.g. Spendor and Harbeth.  

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I use a semi open baffle, I've been building speakers for quite a few years, and this last 15 years I've tried all types of baffles.

all being well mine will be at the wam show, So well worth a visit if can

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I use home brewn open baffle speakers in my Linn system and I'm satisfied. They fill my 3 500 kubic feet listening room with plenty music. But open baffles have terrible efficieny in the low end. I use three klimax twins where two of them power the bass only in my system and I could wish for more power at times. Open baffle speakers can't pressurise the room in the very low end like boxed speakers, so for sub woofer frequencies (below 40 Hz) I would opt for a boxed design.

I don't feel any need for Space optimisation so you can say that my open baffle speakers do the work acoustically that SO needs to do electronically for room issues with common boxed speakers.

Open baffle speakers usually requires plenty of room behind them not to get issues with cancellation effects. I angle mine quite differently and can have them stacked up against the back wall with good effect. There has been some investigations arguing that open baffle speakers and their usual open placement in a listening room creates a psycho acoustical illusion of extra depth in the sound reproduction. Some say they like this way of presentation where others argue it is artificial.

A few comments on living with open baffle speakers (in a Linn system). Well worth investigating, especially if you experience hard times with conventional speakers. In the end I believe well engineered speakers sound good irrespective of technology.

Kind regards, Mats

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