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Tube pre to match Electrocompanient Nemo's


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19 hours ago, Snakybyrne said:

Thanks for the advice Uzzy. I want to buy used so maybe a home trial not poss? I was recommended a couple of preamps that would match from the seller of the Nemo's.

They are on the expensive side out my league at present. What do think of the specs anyway? would they match Nemo 801D'S combo.
In your opinion are they better than the PrimaLuna EVO 400? 

If you have that sort of budget you want to try a KR Audio P135.

I have one on my list to buy myself. Balanced DHT using 45 tubes. Stunning.

It has extraordinarily good reviews. The UK distributor also offers home demos.

For god's sake don't buy the cayin at that price. It will immediately depreciation by at least 60% and you will never be able to sell it.

They sell for around £3k on AliExpress....


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Rated at 220v though so you’d need a variac or bucking transformer setup for it to run at its best

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As well as sensitivity, you need to look out for an impedance mismatch.

Valve pres have a higher output impedance than solid state and so may not be an automatic fit with the Nemos. Ideally you want a low output impedance into high impedance devices. (Ratio should be 10x or greater.)

Typically with a mismatch the power amp becomes a bit of a wimp as its not being 'driven' properly. I made the mistake of mating my DIY Supply Basie (valve) with a JBL pro audio amp (run unbalanced) once and though the latter had huge transformers and was rated 300w per channel, I couldnt get much out of it - no drama, no dynamic range - zip. Unbalanced pro amps have half the impedance than when using their balanced connections - that didnt help.

Worth checking the specs of the proposed pres.


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thanks for your info. the evo 400 tube pre is 256ohm the nemo is 3330kohm

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