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Budget tuner advice wanted


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2 hours ago, bagga said:

I've a chrome-fronted Aura TU-50 FM/AM tuner gathering dust that you can have for the price of a nice bottle of wine (£20?) + postage / collect from Leeds.

Oh dear, a reflective tuner like might only serve to remind ole' Klassik that Klassik has a face made for the radio.  :/

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7 minutes ago, N.Cassidy said:

Also, with two connections on my tuner, I have no idea what the difference is between 75 and 300 ohm antennas. Can anyone supply an answer as Youtube could not. 300 with current aerial seems worse than 75......

75 with co-ax and your soon-to-be-fixed aerial.

300 if you want to fanny about with 300 ohm cable - like me.

You don't, use the 75.

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In my day a 75 ohm connector would be coax, with a plug like on a terrestrial TV, and would what you would use with an FM arial as on your roof.

The 300 ohm would typically  be two bare wire screw fixings which you would use with a ribbon arial.

Regards Andrew 

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My troughline 3 is screws for both. Thank you, lazycat, I could not find the fact that it was the cable anywhere!!

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