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K4 POG Stock List.....All mint/boxed unless stated otherwise

Wilson Alexia-2 (Grey/stunning)....£39995

dCS Rossini/Clock....£14995 (RRP £30K)

Kudos Titan 707 (Walnut)....£Due

Dynaudio Confidence 30....£9750

Electrocompaniet AWR250R £2795 (Collection only/no packaging)

Audio Research Ref 3 £2995

VTL IT-85.....£2695

Esoteric I-05 LE….£1995 (black, stunning)

Monitor Audio PL200 £1995

Classe CA2300....£1995

Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ £1195

Naim NAC 272 £1395

Classe CA-100.....£1295

Classe CA-D200....£1395

Exposure 2510 £949

B&W PM1 + stands....£795

EAR 834P MC/MM.....£695

Chord Sarum 'Tuned Aray' RCA interconnects (1M)....£595

Meridian GO1 (DAB)....£575

CYRUS 8 Power….£SOLD

Meridian AC200…£275

EPOS Elan 30....£275

Funk Firm F7 tonearm with Audio Technica VM740ML cart....£195

Pics available on my website,and most items carry a minimum 3 month RTB warranty
Collection welcome from N Essex,otherwise postage available at cost
P/X always possible

Contact me on 0781 5892458 or via pm

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ah so nice to see your stuff back on here . always well priced 

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God, that SIA Vitus looks tempting.

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