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Sold - IsoTek Nova Gii mains conditioning unit


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The clear-out continues.

I have an IsoTek Nova Gii power unit for sale. The unit was purchased second hand by me. I have the manual which suggests the unit is from February 2005 (or at least the manual is).

The unit has 6 outlets to supply clean power to your equipment. It has a 1.1m IsoTek high performance power lead to connect it to the mains.

Overall condition of the unit is great, considering the age and I have never had any issues with it. The below photos show the only bad making along the top/side edging of the unit. Until recently it has undertaken very light duties powering the tv, preamp/DAC and a headphone amplifier.

I have the box and internal packing, although the box is 'tatty'.

Delivery is possible but collection (with coffee) from Huddersfield is preferred.

These sold originally for £3,300 so a fair price now would be £950 delivered, £925 collected.











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Hi Discopants.

I've had a read through the manual which is a little light on detail. It doesn't mention anything about DC blocking so I would assume that it is not built in. I've sent an email to the IsoTek technical department asking for their confirmation and will let you know what they say.

Sorry I can't give you a conclusive answer.


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yes i had the sigmas , i believe if you want dc blocking you can use the isotek syncro with it . dont quote me on it . i may be selling mine soon 

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however i have just read this in a review 

Having these switches on the underside means the Nova has to use the supplied spikes (or alternatives) to allow for clearance. However, the clearance is tight and unless you have long, thin fingers, you might struggle to throw all three switches with the spikes in place. The Nova also features DC cancellation circuit, which rebalances the mains sine wave on the zero volts line, thus reducing transformer hum. This technology is usually found in the company’s Syncro power cable, or most recently in its new Syncro Uni box.


ah this refers to the new evo version !! 

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  • yorksmark changed the title to Sold - IsoTek Nova Gii mains conditioning unit

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