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BBC FM Bitrate (edited title)


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I believe the BBC use digital transmission between their studios and their FM transmitters. In the early days it was NICAM but does anyone know what protocol and bit rate are currently used? 

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Super Wammer

@chebby could often be relied upon to find some technical paper from the Beeb.  I’ve a feeling it never got upgraded and is still about 13 bits or something, but I may be misremembering. 

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  • wHIZZY changed the title to BBC FM Bitrate (edited title)
1 hour ago, MartinC said:

Well that was a much more technical question that I was expecting from the thread title :D.

(I haven't the faintest idea.)

Point taken, title edited

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A detailed account here. Dated 2020 so I assume still current.

TL;DR: NICAM3 and it’s as good as FM ever can be so don’t worry.

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