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For sale/Asst nos signal valves,

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These are the last of my signal valves that I no longer have plans for, and in most cases I’ve kept best just in case.

pairs are tested as matched,unless singles of course, all valves test as nos, bought from reputable dealers (Don’t do eBay)

rca 12au7 long black plates/ £35 single tube

Sovtek 12ax7Lps matched pair/£20

sovtek 12au7 cryo/£20

valvo 12au7 single tube, slanted getter 64 (guesstimate) Dutch Heerlen £40

valvo 12ax7 , pre 60s (prob 59) Munich made/£70 single tube

Amperex bugle boys 12au7 matched pair (nice clean print) 1962/£100

Mullard 4024/£15 single

Rca 6sn7-gtb/£10 single 

Telefunken matched pair ec801s in tele boxes/ rare £180

Uk Mazda Bva 12ax7/£40 single

Amperex bugle boy original box Ez80/£22 single in box

Seimens matched pair ec88 round foil getter/£140 surprisingly diff to source, 

can send pics if required, these are matched pairs , few singles listed as such.

will send via ups courier, if you have preference re insurance pls ask. 


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  • Frizbriz changed the title to For sale/Asst nos signal valves,
14 hours ago, Frizbriz said:

Amperex bugle boys matched pair (nice clean print) 1962/£100

What valve type are these, please? 

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Posted (edited)

The bugle boys are 12au7/ec82, really nice clean print, unused nos.

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Hi Laurie, tried to message you but it's playing up. Do you have the Sovtek 12AX7LPS pair still?

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