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Automatic watch winder.

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As per title, I have a automatic watch winder for sale. I have had it a couple of years but have only used it briefly due to Mrs Speedracer claiming the noise kept her up at night! Despite this it really isn't loud at all, I can barely hear it.

It is a plastic box with clear access windows, & a fake wood veneer , as you can see from the 'photo's there are  4 or 5 small patches where the lacquer has bubbled, not too bad but worth mentioning. It comes with a mains lead, connector cable & a battery box, & with instruction booklet. It can be configured in a number of different ways, to change the rotation pattern, interval, even direction of rotation. There are 2 separate motors, with pillows for 2 watches on each, so 4 in total.

It cost me £150, so I am asking for a reasonable £60, plus £8 postage.

I have plenty of other pictures if needed, just hit the file size limit with 2.



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Wow, I never knew such things existed.

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