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I thought 2020 was a good year for new albums but I'm struggling to find many, that I really like in 2021 but I have probably missed a few.

What are your favourites so far this year?

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St. Vincent, Sufjan Stevens, Sophia Kennedy, off the top of my head.....😉

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Sorry, can’t remember album names....

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Downstairs People ; Underground Pop.     Eleectronica/Downtemp genius , imho. Ltd 250.


Jah Wobble and Marconi Union ; Anomic.  RSD 2021 limited to 500 I think. New for 2021 on vinyl but previously released on CD in 2013.


Saint Etienne ; I've been trying to tell you.


Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle/ Chris and Cosey) ] Electronic ambient remixes one/three.


Cosmic Trigger ; Shpongle remixed.


Biosphere ; Angel's flight.


Ryuichi Sakamoto ; Music for film.  reissue from 2016


St Vincent ; Daddy's home.


A winged victory for the sullen ; Invisible cities.




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Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg

Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend

Squid - Bright Green Field

Low - Hey What

Black Country, New Road - For The First Time

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1 hour ago, uzzy said:

and if it is not in the lists above and you like them - Coldplay has just released a new one


I feared someone would mention Coldplay.

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What with the effect of Covid new stuff's been a bit thin on the ground for me so not many in my list this year.

Yellow - Emma Jean Thackray

Sgt Culpepper - Joel Culpepper

An Insight To All Minds - Kaidi Tatham

Paradigm Shifting - Vertaal

Ancient Africa - Nat Birchall

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Iron Maiden - Senjutsu

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