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streaming is skipping - Node 2i via Quboz/Bluos

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thank you gentlemen, you're both being very understanding and I'm grateful for the avoidance of harsher interpretations.  Let's face it I think we all also know that, in the right environment, perhaps after a few pints in the pub with mates, this kind of thing could cause a descent not just into banter but into full on abusive piss-taking...  It's nice to know WAM's 'safe space' credentials have been advanced!

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On 20/10/2021 at 10:24, mikeyb said:

As someone said above, some tracks /albums are only available as 30 second samples. There's a setting on qobuz to ignore them to prevent play.

Where is this setting out of interest? I've had a look within the Qobuz web settings but can't find it but possibly you were referring to a different applicaiton?

@garn63 was asking about this in another thread whch reminded me of you referring to this.

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