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Advise on improving my digital source


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1 minute ago, Bokke said:

but my point was to highlight the cheap crappy chinese mass market boards and processor they use in these high end music streamers costing thousands 

I'd better not take the top off my Melco then !

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20 hours ago, mtbmarkymark said:


I will try and flesh this out to help me understand what i meant to try and ask

I have ripped my CD's onto a Melco N100 hard disk server. The Melco also allows me to stream from Qobuz 

If i were sell the Melco and buy a Aries 2.1 and fit a internal Hard disk, i again would have two similar options

Stream from Qobuz or Play the CD rips that i have transferred onto the Hard disk inside the Aries 2.1

However the reviews of the Aries G2/G2.1 often say that the best sound quality results were obtained when the Aries 2.1 was served it's CD rips from a Melco ( or similar ) Hard disk server

This means i think

Streaming from Qobuz using the G2.1 is inferior to "playing" a CD rip from a Hard disc server such as the Melco

( This has also been my experience and is perhaps not surprising as the "CD Rip" is sitting on a Hard disk in a different country and then comes over the internet, via my Modem, Router, Switch all powered by switch mode power supplies and numerous ethernet cables before reaching the Melco )

What i hoped would be that playing a CD rip from a hard disk inside the G2.1 was better than getting it from an external source. None of the reviews of the G2/2.1 answer this question

You can buy a NAS and stream your rips from there using the Aries or some pother streamer.

And if your router is in another room then you can have the NAS next to it and that way avoid mechanical noises 

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4 minutes ago, tuga said:

You can buy a NAS and stream your rips from there using the Aries or some pother streamer.

good point and having googled prices they don't seem too bad, i can compare against the Melco as a source

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I'm going to demo a CEC TL5 cd transport. The are rare in the UK but get some fantastic reviews. They are £2800.  That would mean  you have to get the silver biscuits out though! 

From what I've been led to believe, this sound better than Hi Res streaming. 

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On 15/11/2021 at 19:53, Psilonaught said:


Taking into account the streamer, makes them very good value.

I'm counting down the weeks until I get my April bonus and I can get a big boys dac! Dave/m scaler, Lampizator and Bartok are on my demo list 


Heard today that it should be with me by the end of next week... good job too as the dealer needs his demo unit back tomorrow.

Exciting times for you, please be sure to keep us updated on here.


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