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Speaker selector switch

Cool Dude Ted

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I regularly want to switch output from a single amp (one set of speaker outputs) to one of two pairs of speakers which are in the lounge at any one time.

Total pain having to physically remove cables from one speaker and insert into the other. My speakers are heavy and I don’t have a lot of space - if I’m not careful I’m going to knock something over.

I realise that there are commercial options available but has anyone tried to construct a simple switch using (say van Damme speaker cable) to wire up the internal connectors?

I really want something unobtrusive and not the width of a CD player. A simple toggle switch - no matter how rubbish it looks - would do fine.

I’m sure this desire to keep switching will pass once I’ve convinced myself that the speakers I have are good enough and I can stop comparing.

Thanks for any help/advice. I don’t have any electrical type skills so if you think that it’s a non starter then I’m perfectly happy to hear that too.

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AFAIK there are various speaker switch boxes on amazon. none are that big. the main thing is keeping the impedance as seen by the amplifier as constant as possible: some boxes will wire 2 sets of speakers in parallel while others will wire them in series. I think what you want is A or B but not necessarily both.

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Super Wammer
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