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How long do rectifier valves last

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I've read that power tubes last about 2000 hours, preamp tubes about 10,000 but I've never seen anything about rectifiers.

Any ideas about the life expectancy of GZ34s or any other rectifiers??

I know YMMV etc. I'm just looking for a ball park figure - for what it's worth.. :)

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Rob N wrote:

Depends on what circuit they are in and how hard they are worked.

I've seen GZ34's (the metalbase ones) still test as new after many thousands of hours

Some of the newer Chinese rectifiers (Sophia 274B) have failed after only several hundred hours

Oh so true - there is a certain Japanese pre that uses 6X4's and has a reputation for 'eating' them (only what I've heard anecdotally - but happy if any longterm owners can confirm or not). I've bought 40 year old well used ones that have measured as new and sounded wonderful - these were pulls from jukeboxes so would have had significant mileage! As far as I'm concerned this is one of the most robust valve about and the older and more used the better they sounded in the pre I had, but I guess this isn't the case for all amps ;-)

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