what speakers have you owned

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I actually preferred the CA21 signatures and they were one of the few speakers that my girlfriend still asks about..."what ever happened to those cute little pyramids?" she asks

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In no particular order:

Celestion Ditton 110

Mission 737

Mourdant Short MS40

Tannoy M20 gold

Technics F1

KEF Ref 104/2

Royd Abbot

Art Skibo (+bass module)

ATC Active 10s


Castle Howard S3

Mission 752F

Genexxa LX5 pro

Proac Future 0.5

Quad 57

Martin Logan CLSiiz

ML Aurius i

ML Ascent

Apogee Centaur Minor

Apogee Slant 6

Apogee Duetta sig

Audio Physic Avanti III

Tannoy D700II

Final 600i

Aurum Cantus 2SE

Diamond Acoustics Floorstanders

Think thats it.....for now :?

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Super Wammer

Wow, this is an old thread :D

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To refresh the thread... not quite as "hi"fi as some and roughly in order...

AR18 (Part of first system.. bought in Laskys 1982ish)

Proac Tablette

Wharfedale Coleridge

Proac Super Tablette

AE 109*

Proac Super Tablette

AR standmount*

Altec Lansing (big classic 1970s USA)*


AR 22BX*

JBL floorstanders*

Castle standmounts*

Ruark Sabre*

Mission 700 (originals)*

Proac Mini Tower

Ones marked * were either in my second system or on trial lasting less than 3 months.


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Kef Cantor.

B&W DM7.

Linn Kan. (ouch)

Mission 760.

Wharfdale Diamond 3.


Totem Dreamcatcher.

Totem Arrow.

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how long have you got :roll:

i'll go with the few i can remember :D

b&w dm2a (3 pairs)

b&w dm4, dm6 dm302, dm601, lm1.

apogee centaur minor

rrr monitors (russian)

lecson horns

tannoy j30/ jupiter/ dc3000

royd eden/ minstrel/ sintra2/ apex (x3)/ sorcerer se/ abott (x4)/ prior.

jamo concert 8 (x3) and current!

kef 101 (current) 103.3/ 104ab/ 105.1/concerto (several) c60/ cadenza/ several kit.

rogers ls2/ ls4/ ls6/ ls7t/ export monitors/ studio 1a.

acoustic research m1

linn kan/ isbolox/ index 1 and 2/ helix.

jr149's (maybe 8 pairs?)

imf tls 40/ 50/ 80.

yamaha ns1000

technics sbm01

goodmans achromat 100 (still got)

several pairs of realistic minimus 7 (still got)

roksan darius and ojan 3x.

mission 700/ 760/ 737r/ 770 (all versions) and 753f.

heybrook hb1/ hb3/ heylo/ quartet.

epos es11/ 14/ 22.

more to follow as my memory serves:shock:

cant wait to see bourney's :cs:

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HItachi something or other.

Wharfedale Diamonds.:)

A pa system with 15bass and 1x12 horn loaded things and piezzo tweeters (recently saw a pic of these whilst having a clear out -I can ever remember having the 1 x 12s I always remember having a set of 2 x 12s. All in the front room.:shock:

some more wharfedales -cant remeber the number

Bose -big things out of a pub -bought for 15 quidfrom some scally who came in the record shop who said he'd got some Boss speakers i could have.:cool:

smaller bose monitors from my folks pub.;-)

some more wharfedales -W30??:)

celestion f1s :?

Linn Keilidh* :D

Linn Index mk1*:D

Still own these and use them every day.

Ive owned loads of others too -mainly pro type things for studios and pas but cant remember any of them.

Speakers I've always wanted to try.

Martin Logan Hybrids

Quad Esls


Audio Physics Virgo 2 s

Linn Saras

Some of the really big and silly horn arrangements

I also have a full frequency horn/valve itch that needs to be scratched. Sadly this will have to wait til funds permit the diy option but its next......perhaps

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My wife considers that I suffer from compulsive speaker-buying disorder. In truth this mostly applies to second systems and home cinema stuff where I've used various models of Missions, Wharfedales and currently have a Heybrook "Tempest" set - great sound although perhaps a little too refined for the modern crash-bang soundtracks.

On the main system, I bought a pair of original AR18s (also from Lasky's) in around 1977. They sounded good and fitted into the small space that was my first London flat. Served me well for ten years and took a fair bit of abuse to boot.

As I rose up the salary ladder and bought a house, in 1987 I heard a set of Magneplanar SMGa's at a friend's house. I was round at KJ Leisuresound within the week and purchased my own. And it's been pretty much Magneplanars ever since, with a set of IIIa's (too big and needed an expensive amp to drive but sounded great) another set of SMGa's and a set of SMGc's care of Harv. I'm listening to them now, making a great job of Davey Graham and John Martyn. If you like the kind of music that Maggies play well,piano, guitar,vocals then I really think that they give the bestsound for the money.

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Let me think now, some of these I still have at the back of the garage somewhere


Goodmans something or others

First job (and for many years after, still have them in the garage):

* Tannoy Venus (made up the road from me at the time in Coatbridge, Scotland)

Small standmounts (needed the space at the time)

* Gale 2i

* Heco Concerto II (still on kitchen duty, pretty good)

* Linn Index + Kustone stands (not bad actually)

Getting serious again:

* Ruark Paladin (again for quite a few years)

* Heruka zHorn (Fostex 168 Sigma based) eventually + Ruark Log-Rhythm subs and Fostex Supertweeters)

* Cambridge R50 transmission lines - wonderful in every waybut too much hard work for my 300b monos at the time

* Quad 57 ESL = Townshend Maxiumum supertweeters

* Hawthorne Audio Silver Iris OB (good but on balance prefer my uber-tweaked Quads especially with the Townshends)

I think I'm a confirmed Quad guy now.

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Smile ratings = how much I liked them (out of 5)

Celestion Ditton 15 :):):):)

Castle Kendal :):):)

Mission 70 Mk2 :):):):)

Monitor Audio R352 :):)

Mission 737 (barf) :sick:

Celestion SL6 :sick::sick:

JPW P1 :):):):)

Tannoy Mercury :)

BLQ Q1 :):):):):)!!!

Linn Index (one of the first ever pairs) :):):)

Wharfedale Diamond Mk1 :):):):)

Boston A40 :):):):)

Mission 760 :):):)

ProAc Super Tablettes :):):):)

ProAc Tablette 50 Sigs :):)

Quad 21L :):):):) (surprised me these did - a much maligned speaker imho)

Audio Note AX-Two :):):)

JPW Mini Monitor :):):):) (all music, no finesse - love 'em)

Royd Merlin :):):):):) (still got)

Royd Minstrel :):):):):) (still got)

No doubt forgotten a few but I'm too pished to remember them...

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The list that I can recall there may have been more !!

Genesis some thing or others, way back !!

Tannoy Mercury

Rogers LS6

Snell Type J II, should have kept these aside somewhere

Impulse H2

Apogee Stage

Martin Logan Aerius (why ??)

Sonus Faber Minima Amators

Sonus Faber GP

Avantgarde Unos

Hyperion HPS-938

Acoustic Zen Adagios

Zu Definition 2, the current state of affaors

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Celestion Ditton 15

Heybrook HB1

Some Missions,cant remember model

Some black things,cant remember model

Mission 753

Mission 753 Freedom

Proac 150

Proac 140

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