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What are you listening to right now?

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[1975] Pink Floyd ‎– Wish You Were Here [CD]

Disraeli Gears - Cream

[1974] Supertramp ‎– Crime Of The Century [flac]

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4182ratqCLL._SL500_.jpg Vinyl
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61X0LSVswbL._SL500_.jpg Vinyl......bought the day it was released here in t' UK.:stereo:
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5146V%2BNhWiL._SL500_.jpg Vinyl

Interesting lineup changes, collaborations/contributions, including a couple of notable artists....inc t' Great Jimmy Cliff & Costello's long time friend/mentor...sometime producer/collaborator Nick Lowe.

Always one of his more interesting albums from his output at the time I felt, speaking even as a big time E.C. fan. I first owned this on cassette & managed to track it down on Vinyl LP sometime in t' early/mid 90's IIRC.......I seem to remember it not being particularly easy to find in any format other than ceedee at that time & that I kinda just stumbled across this copy unexpectedly......dunner know where tho' :?......Anyhoo a rather happy find for me.:^

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Jazzfm............in a warm kitchen, coffee in hand,...snowed in.....

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