SME to Linn mounting adaptor

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I have 12" Jelco SA-750LB tonearm, which currently is fixed to a solid plywood plinth with my Garrard 401 turntable. I just bought a Ortofon SPU cartridge from a fellow whammer. Because I would like to adjust overhand on the SPU precisely, has anyone come across a SME-to-Linn mounting adaptors that I could use, or is there a simpler solution for this :dunno:? Jelco has standard Linn mounting.

At the moment the pivot to spindle is set presicely as the Jelco template shows, but for me tonearm is too close to the spindle to give enough room to mount my Koetsu Black. I can just get the right overhand, but the cartridge is just at the back on the headshell and this is not as I would like it to be :(.

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