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I would also like to extend a welcome to mine if your ever around the Leeds Bradford area just pm me & drop in for a coffee & some music all welcome 🎼🎼🎼🎼

I stole a premium SCART lead and a dishwasher from an electrical store. I wouldn't have minded but the lead was shite, it was no better than my old one. I always ate takeaways too, so never used the d

Just started 3 months of gardening leave , so if anyone wants to pop over for tunes, biscuits or just sitting around in onesies watching UK Gold while grunting, then head on over.

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My stuff will never get to Scalford but established wammers are always welcome daytimes for a bit of an ear bashing if it takes your fancy. You may decide it all sound shite but I kinda like it.

PM when interested. near junction 2 of the M1

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Thought I'd chime in, visitors welcome in Bridgend South Wales, per arrangement as I am not on any kind of steady schedule

I have:

Lumley valve amp

NAD solid state amps

Technics 1210 with modifications

Rega Planar 3

A whole buttload of phono stages, I guess the most exciting one being the Opera Consonance


Sabre 32 DAC

Dali grand coupe speakers

Audio Physics Yara speakers

More vinyl and lossless files than you can shake a stick at and I make a mean cup of coffee and cook mean food.

Welcome to bring speakers, sources, amps, cartridges and other assorted bits as well, always interesting to listen to other stuff.


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Open for visitors next Tuesday 12.00-18.00 if anyone intrested in coming along. I am in London NW3 so PM if interested.

Happy to swap stuff or just listen to music. Coffee, tea and cake provided.

My kit is as per signature.



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Still open for visitors on Tuesday for those who have extra day off.

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I might fly over and drop off that slab of Vinyl for you. :^

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Hi Gforce, your more than welcome. That will make two with you and minimido and room for one more.

Remind me what the vinyl was as I can't remember.

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sealed copy of Goldfrapp.;-)

will be nice to give that Delos a listen :^

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Ah yes, which one was it.

The Delos is in rude health at the moment which is nice.

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If you have a extra day off, live in London and bored your welcome to pop round this afternoon 12.00-18.00. Gforce and Minimido are already coming along and room for one more.

PM for location details.

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Just to say a big thanks to Kevin (Tel) for hosting me for an evening on Wednesday. Great music, through a fine system (never heard Voodoo Clhile sound like that before!), and good conversation. Cheers Kevin. Peter

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Anyone near Plymouth is welcome to come round. Work is slow at the mo. so I am here far too often!

System is a bit weird, and in transition, but it works!

Oracle Delphi Mk1, with various upgrades, inc. Mk6 micro vibration dampers.

Mission 774 arm with AT-OC9, but might be Decca International arm with Decca London Supergold.

Yaqin MS-12B phono stage, butchered, or modded if you prefer.

Various SUTs.

Meridian 200 transport.

Teradak Chameleon NOS DAC.

Promitheus TVC.

Ben Duncan designed active crossover, again modified many times (I made it about 30 years ago).

Ming Da MC 845-C monoblocks.

Ming Da MC 84-C.

Parasound HCA-1205A.

Speakers using Ted Jordan JX6rHD and JX125 drivers with SEAS 10" bass.

Acoustic treatment (ongoing) to the room.

Lots of cables with added fairydust.

Lava lamps.

I have a pair of small top speaker stands if anyone brings a pair of bookshelf speakers.

Would be glad to see anyone who has nothing better to do. :D

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Hmmm, didn't realise this topic existed.

anyway, my door is open to Wammers from London or wherever if anyone feels like dropping in for a listen or a cup of tea and biscuits, bring your own tunes if you wish.

<---- system is on the left.

I'm in Fulham SW6.

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