Yamaha A-S500 V Marantz PM6004 MM input quality?

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Hi All,

Does any one know what the MM input sounds like?

The reason for asking is that I now have the option of buying the Yam. for the same price as the

Marantz PM6004 which I quite fancy, at around £250, but similarly have no idea about the MM input quality.

The problem is that I can not listen to either before buying.

Can anyone help?


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I can't give you a comparison because I only own one amp and that is the A-S500. I'm listening to John & Vangelis from my 401 and this is running through the MM input. To my ears the 'direct' mode is better on this amp. But all I can say is it sounds good to me.


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You could perhaps try dropping an email to Marantz to ask if the 6004's MM section is the same as that in the 6003 or a different, better one. If the former, you can ask existant 6003 owners for their opinions on the sound quality.:bulb: The 6004 has a new topology from the 6003 in that separate PCBs are used for the pre and power sections. Amazing at this rrp.:shock: No mention in the PR blurb if the MM bit has been revamped.

btw I am amazed at the level of competition and the annual product revamp companies like Marantz (PM6002-3-4) strive for at this price sector in order to snatch a certain mag's amp of the year award from competitors. Are the sales figures for this sector very significant? Anyone know?


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I have the a-s700 and looking at the schematics the MM phono section is the same on the A-S3/5/700. if so, all i can say is it does the job perfectly fine, it's about 15-20 components and an NJM2068MD-TE2 opamp on a board shared with the cd input, looks similarish to the marantz pm6003 one right down to a metal screen between the phono inputs and the rest, though i'd say the marantz might have a better one. On both amps there i guess as a matter of making the amp a complete hifi solution, not a statement of vinyl purity or whatnot so i doubt there's much in it at all and the decision between amps shouldn't be made on this bit alone as they are quite different i guess.

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Thanks for your replies.

I have ordered the Marantz PM6004.

If anyone is interested I will post a report once it is played in a little though I

will only be able to compare it with my old PM 57.

This did however have some of the mm input capacitors removed and together with a

resistor in parallel with the cart gave a superbly flat FR up to about 21k. with the AT440Mla

This was done with the assistance of the "Capacifier Calculator" thread on Vinyl Engine forum.

It made the cart sound superb.

Unfortunately I will not be able to do this with the new amp in order to preserve the guarantee , so I will have

to go the full "Capacifier" rout. I still have one built so it will just need soldering into the TT base.

If any of you have the same cart I can not recomend the mods enough.

You would not believe how good it can be made to sound once the HF peak is eliminated.


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