The Great Cable Debate

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if anyone knows Wolfgang ("like I know Wolfgang ...") prompt him to check PM as I'm after his addy. Alternatively, if AK is about ...

The details of the tracks are on the reverse of the CD case - duh!!

interesting variety:

"well you needn't" Thelonious Monk

"new favorite" Alison Krauss & union station

"planting the seed" Ocean's Eleven

"my heart belongs to daddy" Julie London

scherzo from Mahler's 5th

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AK, if Wolfgang does not reply then I should send on to you, or else you're welcome to come over and have a listen to improved sound of upgraded set-up - I've become 'balanced' and very nice it is too into bridged evo4 - epos es22s still standing tall on your home-mades, btw.

anyway, suggest you PM me with addy etc.

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Sorry guys ....... I was out with the babe to see the Highland moo moo at the Pollock Park ...... I mean Highland Beast yesterday doing my duty as a dad....... as half of the polulations of dads in Glasgow with theirs it appears.

... this is worst then I thought as I begin to talk funny already.

Reporting back again as an audiophool in the tent for more infantile ...... err mature talk.

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