My Shiny New Bit of Kit thread.....tell us what you've bought.

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Lock down projects. Since I can't go out and do my usual landscape stuff I thought I'd try the oil on water macro thing. I've never done this before so it's a bit of a learning curve. I used a tablet for back lighting (I had to take some snaps as I didn't have any on it so the second shot was two Pringles prawn cocktail tubes!) which I placed under a Pyrex dish. Make a note to properly clean the dish before use as dust and smudges will show. The ripples are the imperfections on the base of the dish.  Pour water in first, then gently add oil (I used olive oil) so you don't make too many bubbles. Use a pointed item to carefully move bubbles to where you want them.

These where taken with a Panasonix G9 & Oly 60mm macro lens mounted on a tripod about 6" above the dish.

No photo description available.


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I got bored so I decided to get the XTZ A2-300. Still running it in (no harm right?) and so far, it’s been impressive.



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7 hours ago, Sir_Franc said:

Whoops, I've just realised I posted in the wrong thread! :D Sorry!

It’s a good mistake. Looks very interesting.

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I deceided I needed a better compact camera than my old Nikon S8200 so I looked in to compacts and decided on a Lumix TZ60 by Panasonic, It's around the same size and weight as the Nikon but has a 30x zoom!! and a 60x intelligent zoom, It has image stabilisation , Good job too as I couldn't get good pics hand held at 14x zoom with my old Nikon!!



It was only £70 off fleabay!!

Here's a couple of pics I took with it..


The chimney stack is at full zoom, This is it without zoom..


I also bought a watch yesterday!

It's a 12 year old Victorinox Swiss Army Valjoux 7750 auto powered chronograph, It had a service a few years ago and everything works as it should :^




It's been on three straps already, Don't like any of them so i'll have to wait to get a new one, I'm going for a black Bund when Eddie Platts opens his selling site again!, I'm only 20 minutes from him so i'll call and collect one when the lockdown is over!


Cheers, John :)

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Posted (edited)
On 29/04/2020 at 19:47, HectorHughMunro said:

It's arrived.  First impressions are that it's really nice.   The build quality is very good with the exception of the aperture ring..  I bought it for the X-Pro2 because, although I like the XF35 2.0, I'm not gelling with it and although It is wonderful to work with physically, the images aren't close to being as good as the XF35 1.4.  The Viltrox offered improvements in image quality vs the 2.0 and in physical operation vs the 1.4.

As mentioned, I prefer the rendition to the XF35 2.0 which I find a bit hard.  It is closer in rendition to the 35 1.4 though I haven't done a direct side by side.   The focussing is not quite as good as the XF35 2.0 and hunts a bit in a few instances where the 2.0 catches focus but is close and worlds better than the XF35 1.4.  It is silent.  The manual focus ring is smoother than Fuji.  I prefer the slightly wider field of view.  The lens hood is better than modern Fuji hoods (Not the first generation) and is smoother than any Fuji hood to attach.  I do like the fact that it has one fewer elements than the 1.4; I prefer simpler, less corrected lenses.

There are downsides.  It is longer than the Fui lenses so if you are using it on an X-Pro2 or X-Pro1, it will cut more of the frame than the Fuji lenses.  This is likely to be less of a problem with the X-Pro3 because the 35mm OVF frame is smaller.  It is 33mm so the OVF framelines won't perfectly match.  The aperture ring is clickless; not remotely as irritating as I expected but not ideal.  You also can't use it on the X-Pro3 as the mount scratches the lens release button.  There is a manufacturer warning about the X-Pro3 and they are willing to take returns if you have a Pro3 but I won't be bothering as I bought it for my Pro2 and this is a dirt cheap lens.  The lens release button issue doesn't affect the other cameras and definitely doesn't affect the Pro2. There are apparently were few exposure bugs for which there is already a firmware release (1.06) but I didn't any of these with the Pro2.

The speculation is that the Tokina version will fix the mount problems and may add clicking aperture in which case, I will probably buy it.  Whether it will displace the XF35 1.4 remains to be seen.  For anything but the Pro line, this is an obvious choice at that focal length ahead of the XF35 2.0 or the XC35.

Edited by HectorHughMunro
To change the comment about Firmware
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