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Scalford 2014 is go..........

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Just back from Saturday nite at Scalford.

No dramas, so far.

Although its early days.

Speakers have fitted into rooms, nothing has blown up yet, systems are making some very lovely noises.

Pete's unique speaker project is sounding remarkably, effortlessly, wondrous.

Despite being the size of Spinal Tap's PA and bearing a passing resemblance to a piece of Dr Who's Tardis (from the back) they just disappear & produce a quality of sound you're unlikely to ever hear again in your lifetime.

Upstairs Stu's horn system just sounds.....very musical.

Dusty in Memphis (on 1st press Philips) sounded just as it should, with a wide soundstage and if you closed your eyes, its wasn't hard to visualize the position of the instrumentation when it was recorded back in the 60's.

If you like this album avoid the 4 Men With Beards pressing as its a travesty!

Downstairs, Mark's (Missing Link) Quad 2805 electrostatics were electrostatics...the speakers just vanish & you are left with just the most realistic sound reproduction.

A massive area to drive, so Mark's asking listeners to listen and not talk over the music.

Fingers crossed on that one.

When I left, the bar was doing a roaring trade :shock:

But its time for bed with the promise of a truly fascinating day on Sunday.

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Just back from Sundays HiFi Show.

Got there just before 9am and left at my feet are killing me.

Lots & lots to see & of course hear.

Scalford Hall is a rabbit warren.

But a rabbit warren full of nooks & crannies containing just about every means of reproducing music thats been invented.

Streaming, gramophones, cd and reel to reel tape recorders.

Stereo of course & in Serge's room, Quadrophonic sound.

And if you are a fan of those hifi show favourites, Yello, you could hear & see them courtesy of a projector.

Hifi & music is a matter of very personal taste.

One man's meat etc etc.

However the surprise of the show, for me, were Lodgesound's reel to reel tape recorders in Syndicate 1 Room.

A sound delivery you'll rarely hear outside of a sound recording studio.

I'm very familiar with Tracey Chapman's, Fast Car.

But never quite like that.

The BBC Rogers LS 5/8 speakers just may have helped.

In addition vinyl lovers could fill their boots from Stamford Audio & Fresh Press Records, both of whom looked busy.

Lots of carrier bags full of vinyl were being carried back to cars.

The raffle was a destination for many wammers and it looked like a good sum was raised for the Sue Ryder charity.

Lots of photos to come.

But its more than just a hifi show these days & just had to be there.

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However the surprise of the show, for me, were Lodgesound's reel to reel tape recorders in Syndicate 1 Room.

A sound delivery you'll rarely hear outside of a sound recording studio.

Best sounding room in the show, but no surprise. His room was the highlight for me last year also.

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Got back a couple hours ago.

Dad and I both loved it. Best sounding rooms for me were the reel to reel room by Lodgesound, hoopsontoast, hearingisbelieving, valvebloke, paulf2007.

Heard electrostatics for the first time today. I can honestly say, I do adore my Yamaha NS-1000Ms and I still will not be parting with them, but I will definitely be getting a pair of ESLs when we have a bigger place. I have never heard anything quite like it. Even stood in front of one, I wasn't really "aware" the music was coming from the panel itself!

I wish I could have spent more time listening to the reel to reel decks. That was an awesome spectacle and it really, really was the best I'd heard today.

Amazing stuff, got a few photos of the rooms we particularly enjoyed today which I shall upload to the flickr account.

Thanks to Paulf2007 for donating his Pioneer cassette deck to me and also to Jez for the lend of the Musical Fidelity X-10v3.

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Yes I was also impressed with the quad 63 electrostatics, for the money you can pick them up for there hard to beat smooth and natural, I found the Yamaha ns 1000 speakers a little bright and lack a natural tone. not to my liking.

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Got back late afternoon, a big thumbs up to all the exhibitors, everyroom had something to commend it, brumjams primes were slow to start but after some adjustments , they were really singing later on, chris , hearingisbelievings ta speeks were in a narrow room, but coped well considering, open door , jolida robs modded dac was sounding lovely, combined with the mulidine speeks produced some superb music....french gems they are....also nick myrmans zingalis ..modwright amped set was sounding very good,.......bmtells standmount zings also impressed an unforced presentation indeed,...sodders little standmounts had no right to sound that good, but they did, but i fell in love with alphatoners beautifull parallell tracking turntable....oh dear you sold those lovely bella luna omnis from two years ago...but won the raffle today, nice talking with you,.....

so much to see .........a big thanks also to the first timers showing.......rjs horns sounded good today... a bit nervous at first not knowing about scalford, both of you seemed to be enjoying yourselves

nice to meet up with some very nice friendly wammers

a great day out... yet again, ...cant beat it.

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For me they were all stars in their own right, again another great day out, me and Deggie even managed every room!

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3rd year on the trot for me now, next year I promise myself to register for a room!

Highlights for me:

AdamK Like 2011 this sounded powerful, clean and very Naim! Just a shame the room was useless. Needs a big room that kit.

RJC Simon Mears and AGrail Those horns were very forward, but again a bigger room was needed, the bass on Cat Stevens was in fact awesome.

Purite North Superb sounds came out of the Puresound/AE combo.

Chelsea Dave Unforced, natural, and one of the better full range sounds of today.

Lodgesound Again, I just love the BBC sound, this was near best of the show again, and goes to show that nothing much has been learnt!

Russ Abbot Needs a room this size at home!

Brumjam After the large sounding horns in Stuarts room, the Tune Audios sounded much smaller, but on the flip side it sounded very natural.

Harv Bass of the day, well done! Too much that most could have in their own houses i'm sure!

Mikhail0115 Best finished DIY speakers of the day.

Belloire Stated a balanced sound, certainly was, it was beautiful, and better on vinyl still.

Paul55 Interesting, Prodigy was awesome, bass level was surprising!

Dudywoxer Very charming system, just played, and was superbly musical, glad I went here towards the end of the day as the volume levels suited me.

RMSSHIPBROKER Just for the "Betty" track?!!

Serge Mind blown. Oddest thing i've heard, DSOTM and Barbara Streisand as never before....!

Aired Audio Awesome, one of the best all rounders.

The Missing Link / Stamford In the lounge, I had a calculated listen, plus a listen each time I went through reception, most natural sound of the day? My favourite? Quite possibly. Very very nice.

Thanks for everyone who made any effort at all!! Superb as usual.

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Absolutely loved the Wilson Sophias producing an edge of the seat listen.Thanks Carlbkk

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Thanks to an unexpected issue, I ended up doing a bit of a round trip to get Papa Laz home, so apologies to all for leaving without proper goodbyes.

Personally, after all the years this was the best. Hotel turned up trumps with the usual very good and friendly service, plus a great curry on the Saturday night. And the beer didn't run out, despite some people's best efforts.

Not exhibiting this year gave me the opportunity to see a lot more, but I tried to concentrate on new things or favourites that have developed and changed so it was impossible to put enough time into seeing everything. Apologies to anyone I miss out, but that doesn't mean I didn't like it. I either didn't manage to hear it properly, see it at all, or simply stuck my head round the door to say hello.

Standouts for me:

The Coco, Hayward, AmDismal setup. On Saturday night this was showing extreme promise. This afternoon it was mind blowing. It managed the trick that only one other setup I have ever heard (and at a somewhat higher cost...) has managed. To make you immersed in the music to the extent that you almost become part of it. There is no source, no speakers; nothing except the music. An amazing sound and one, please guys, that deserves to not be dismantled! Utter magic.

Non-Smoking man. Those incredible horns are incredible. Massive scale in every way, yet sounding sublime. Delicacy and power galore.

JVS. On Saturday evening, there were bass issues that rather clouded the presentation. Totally re-arranging the room layout (bet you enjoyed that Jim!) completely changed it. A simply magnificent system. Mids and treble that are uncannily lucid, a massive soundstage and a relaxed but detailed presentation. Superb.

SCIDB. As bloody always, it was near impossible to get to hear it as there was actually a queue outside the room waiting to get in. An all too brief listen illustrated why. No idea how he does it, but he always does. A combination of excellent components, excellently matched and playing excellent recordings of excellent music. So very, very listenable.

Purite. He must be telling fibs. There is no way those lovely little standmounts can produce that much room-filling sound and clean bass. A real surprise in the nicest way.

Russ Abbott. I promise it wasn't just the comfy sofas that kept making me come back. Wonderfully cohesive sound with stunning imaging and control. Real 'in the room with you' sound that proved capable of handling everything from serious Krautrock to superb vocals. The Io Ltd also proved just why it is so highly regarded. Sheer enjoyment and wonderful tonal balance.

Brumjam. First time I've heard the Primes and I understand why people are raving about them. As detailed as you could want, but untiring and smooth as well. Lovely sense of scale.

Robin. Loved the Koras. Incredibly easy to listen to with a superb tonal range and great bass control even in a room hardly ideal. Excellent.

Mikhael0115. Surprise of the show? People kept saying 'you need to hear these'. Usually that's a cue for a swift exit, but not this time. A sort of 'best of Snell and AN' tonal presentation, but delivered vocals to really raise the hairs on your neck, then smashed out massive orchestral at serious SPLs without breaking a sweat. An incredible bit of work and superb to hear.

Hoops on Toast. Another 'immersive' sort of sound. I could listen to these all day and night and just relax, yet know I was missing no detail. Superb.

Steve57. Filled a rather difficult room with stunning sound and scale. Massive scale, without straining at all. Highly enjoyable.

Many more that I'll get round to once I've caught up on some sleep and jogged the memory by downloading the pictures, but all in all a standout show.

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My 3rd visit to Scalford on the trot and probably the most enjoyable to date. So glad to see the biggest turnout today of the 3 too. A credit to the founders of the Wam, the owners of the site and moderators, and those that went to the great trouble of taking their kit along for the rest of us to hear. And I finally got to hear a pair of stacked Quad 57's, in Paul55's room. I've been wanting to hear a pair since Ron and Steve, at One Thing Audio, mentioned to me that their favourite speaker was the Quad '63, bettered only by stacked 57's. And boy, did they live up to their promise! All the virtues of the 63's but with more welly. These have got to be the bargain of the century. 2 pairs of 57's for less than 1K and a sound to die for. Hearing Hendrix's live version of Little Wing through them was something else. Whilst this was still fresh in my mind, I ventured back to Jack's room (Nonsmokingman) and asked if he had the same track to play through his monster horn system. He did, and again, a lovely sound. I thought there were more systems today that worked well, despite the compromises of many of the rooms, compared to the previous 2 shows that I attended. The most memorable (in addition to the stacked 57's), in no particular order, were:-

Jim's (JVS) system (love those plasma tweeters),

Sligolad's system with Conrad Johnson/Quad ESL63s

Steve57's system with SET amp and DIY Open Baffle speakers

RJS's Lampizator kit with Ming Da 845 amps and FP15 horns

Take5'ssystem with Oracle T/T, and Django pre

Russ Abbot's system with Puresound amp and Tannoy GRF's

Brumjam's DDDAC , shindo, Temple Audio and lovely Tune Audio Prime's

Crimsondonkey and Ians1's system with Opal Event monitors

Valvebloke's system with Yamaha NS1000's

Serge's quadrophonic system - I am constantly amazed at how a stylus in a groove can produce as good a sound as it does, so to hear discrete 3-channel sound produced in this way was very surprising!

And last but not least, Zim's system with the Mullard dual-mono amp and DIY speakers.

I thought that all of the Snell speakers and Quad electrostatics that I heard today in various rooms worked really well, even in the smaller rooms.

So, in summary, a fantastic show, great atmosphere and great people. Congratulations to the organisers and the exhibitors and thank you all for your hard work. I hope you all enjoyed the event as much as I did.

Unfortunately I failed to visit Lodgesounds' reel to reel room, so missed a bit of a gem there, if the comments above are anything to go by.

So, a fantastic show and it was great to chat with a number of the exhibitors and a few of the visitors.

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Hi All .....

My first Scalford..... I met some nice people and actually met Rabski ..... pah! ...he ain't scary .......

I loved Take 5's system ..... went back a few times and just loved it .... such a happy system ... rolls it's sleeves up and just plays everything so well ....

Russ Abbott's ... loved that too ... got home and played sone of the same music .... ah but not the same ....sigh .....

So many great systems .... bit of a blur ...

Look ....thanks to you all ....just what i was looking forward to ... I have learned quite a lot...


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