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Hi All, 

I am looking for dac and have an opportunity to get an M1 dac v2 for a good price. Going to use the USB & Optical inputs

Is it still worth buying or could I get something new and better for around £140-180?

I also have an Dragonfly Cobalt that i could connect to my m3i amp and use as a dac. Have anyone listen to both and could share their impression?

I own M1 Hpap & M1 Lps and they still sound great. My concern is that the M1 Dac is not aging as nicely as these two. 

Glad to get some input 😄

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About time I had a look at what’s going on in here again... Ive posted earlier in the thread about the good times I spent with a 308 pre/power and CD player and I’ve listened at length to a NuVis

Collected this ‘little’ 39kg beauty yesterday. 7hr round trip but did include a couple of hours chatting with the original owner/fellow enthusiast. Installed it today and absolutely loving the sound,

"Established" wammer: have just joined the MF Massive as the result of a trade vs my Audia Flight FLS10 Class A integrated. I won't name the lovely wammer on the other end of this transaction

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Can anyone comment on how the quality and character of the M6 DAC compares to that of the A5 CD and A5 tuner, both of which have valve output stages? I'm contemplating a DAC for streaming and looking at options including the M6 DAC which are appearing on Ebay.  Thanks

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On 13/12/2020 at 21:21, on the rocks said:

Hello everybody.  I'd appreciate some suggestions for next step or steps in upgrading my system which comprises A3.5 CD player, A5 tuner, A3.5 integrated amp and Monitor Audio GS10 speakers with an SVS subwoofer.  I use Chord Chorus 2/Reference interconnects and Chord Odyssey speaker cables. 

The CD sounds impressive but late night FM Radio 3 on the Tuner  is somehow more  subtle than the CD but  more engaging and emotional.  I would really like a similar sound quality from my CDs.  I enjoy a wide range of classical music  Mahler symphonies, string quartets etc , prog rock,  singers like Beth Orton. Joni Mitchel etc.

Options would include JS upgrades to CD and/or amplifier, but although I'm sure the CD quality would be improved but would it be similar to the A5 tuner or not?.  A new DAC for the CD (I wish the A5 tuner had an external digital impact for its DAC)?  The logical but expensive path would probably be to replace  the CD and amp with corresponding M6 CD and amp. if I did this would the GS10s hold the system back and would I end of saving for MA PL100s?

Thanks in advance for thoughts and advice

Perfect damp and miserable lockdown Saturday afternoon to enjoy revisiting my CD collection after an upgrade. I was lucky enough to get a pre-owned A5 CD and M6i amplifier, both upgraded by JS -and a special offer on some lovely PMC Twenty5 22s which are just getting run in nicely. I These replaced my A3.5 amp, A3.5 CD and Monitor Audio GS10s. I'm keeping my A5 tuner.
Although I enjoyed my former system, the results of the upgrade is stunning. Many of the CDs have so many more layers and instruments, nuances to the vocals etc and so much more involvement and emotion too. I'm assuming a good part of this is down to JS.
Although I enjoy BBC R3 FM and R6 DAB on the tuner very much, the character sounds quite different to the CD despite them having similar DACs. I may consider getting the tuner upgraded but it may make more sense to get into streaming. A streamer and maybe a used/special offer M6 DAC could be an option - but that amount of money could buy an awful lot of CDs. Common sense says enjoy what I have, at least for now....
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10 hours ago, Von Krolock said:

JS seems to be more interested in very good hifi than making money to buy ugly fast cars..

I can just about afford a poster of a ugly fast car......

I had a tidy little E1 IA in this week, just leaving today to wind it's way back to it's owner. Sounds nice now it's fixed and refreshed !

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What a useful resource this thread is, and hats off to Dave for being so involved and open with us owners. 

I've been using an M6 Pre / PRX in my main system for about 6 years. They're superb amps for what I need and very versatile (I run a separate DAC and phono stage and went through a phase of swapping out lots of kit to run through both amps).

Build quality is really good, both feel really well made, perhaps more so the power amp (probably because of its weight, giving the perception it's more solid). The pre is easy to live with day to day - although the remote feels a bit flimsy and has to be firmly pointed at the amp to work. The power amp though is the star of the show, seems to handle the demands of a wide range of speakers I've paired it with, currently some baby Spendors (A5) but before them Dynaudios, Audiovectors, KEFs and Regas. Their combined sound is fairly neutral, effortless power and never harsh.

The top panel gets quite hot for a class A/B and it can be a little noisy when sat close to it (the noise is in cycles, presumably from the choke regulated PSU).

Thankfully they haven't (to my eyes anyway) dated that much aesthetically, maybe because they were fairly bland black boxes to start with.

I was toying with getting an M 6500 at the time, but these came up and were too good to miss. Would love to compare the two. Was toying with swapping for a one box solution, maybe a Devialet, but am now thinking a Nuvista model could be the next step.

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If you have an itch to listen to a Nuvista Andrew then do try to get your ears around one  - when we all emerge happy & healthy from the current thing..
The NV800 amp .. & probably the 600 too ..is really super in its factory form and differs quite a bit from the sound of some past big MF integrated amps.
It's a little like an elite athlete that's let itself go just a touch.. 


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My first experience with Music fidelity was at a demo of Proac D18 speakers in HIFIX over 8 years ago, I cannot remember the cd player but it was either a Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista cd 3d player or an A5 CD player, I was in awe of what I heard and I have never repeated the sound I heard that day.

I have both the ATC integrated amp and D18'S used that day , but the missing piece of the jigsaw is the CD player / the room.

As both the A5 and the Nu-vista cd 3d player are getting on in years I was looking for advice from actual users which Musical Fidelity source would be the best option now ( CD Player or DAC). What I heard that day was holographic and musical, that's all I want out of this hobby.

I have read some comments about good amps / bad cd players, I love the sound regardless but I was looking for the best sounding reliable source.

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Newbie to this forum. Ive just upgraded my amp to a M5SI into a pair of Dynaudio Special 40's. Amps coming today so looking forward to getting that setup.

Any insight from anyone on the performance of the internal phono stage ?

I have a Slee Gram Amp2 SE with the upgraded PSU that I currently use. Will test back to back obviously.

Just interested what others are using for the phono stage.

thanks in advance.


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I used to have a Gram Amp 2SE (big upgrade v the Pro-Ject it replaced). The phono stages inside MF's amps are pretty good, probably just up from entry level standalones from many brands. I'd say your GS will trump it though if it sounds like mine (which was detailed yet nice and warm sounding).

I ended up plumping for a Primare R32, which cost a bit more but brought the warmth and detail of the GS aligned to richer and more detailed bass. The soundstage was also more expansive (to my ears).

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MF internal phono stages are usually very good and the fixed loading values seem to suit most.
Moving up the Slee range to the Reflex or Accession is well worth investigating as it will get you near top class performance at a sane price.
Dowdy looks but when you listen you won't care.


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