Living Voice Vox Olympian review by Roy Gregory

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Agreed. Back in the mono era, corner mounted loudspeakers like Tannoys, Goodmans and Wharfedale were quite common, not to mention the Voigt corner horn. With stereo it was much more difficult to find two suitable corners in a room, and proper corner loudspeakers all but disappeared. Corner mounting a conventional box is probably the worse solution as then the MF gets screwed due to the baffle and the proximity of the walls.


Since I completed the build of a pair of 7Pi corner horns over 6 years ago now, I haven't really heard another pair of speakers that have made me think I was missing anything - obviously not in the same league as the LVO's (not that I'm ever going to hear a pair to find out) but then they only cost between $5800 - $8490 depending on component & finish options (DIY cost about £1400) but they absolutely make sense in my room as they sit in the corner behind where my small stand-mount speakers used to be, so although large (and a bit fugly) actually allow more usable floor space.

As to my thoughts on the LVO's, well I can honestly say I don't have any, should I one day have the financial resources to buy a pair (infinitesimally small probability) then I'll go listen to them, but irrespective of what is being made, true craftsmanship & striving to produce the best should always be applauded IMO.


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Same old circular argument.

It's really very, very simple.

No method of home (or studio for that matter) reproduction is going to get anywhere near to the experience of a live performance.

Therefore, there are two alternatives. You either try to faithfully reproduce the studio sound, or you end up with some unfaithful reproduction that is more aesthetically pleasing and delivers a different 'feel'.


100% correct, which is why, if you haven't heard a goodly amount of purely acoustic music performed live (which will generally mean classical or folk) then you do not know jack shit about what music should actually sound like.

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Here's the thing, it's a nicely written review about a fantastic product.

Whether you can afford it or not, or whether you agree with the reviewers findings or not, changes nothing.

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