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Saturday night at Scalford

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Popped over around 9pm.

Great to see some familiar faces again, specially when one (Pete) stands you a large glass of red wine at the bar.

Slightly subdued evning, compared to previous years.

The sudden loss of a much loved friend, only a few days ago, led to a slightly more sensible evening.

That and the thought of loosing a hours kip made many head for an earlyish night.

Met up with Steve (shipbroker) and we attempted to cause a bit of disruption with a copy of Crystal Castles II.

Sounded awesome in Jim's room, but then everything did.

But Jim had had enough after 2 tracks.

Had a chat with one of the guys running the reel to reels in the Windsor room.

Didnt take long to exhaust my technical understanding, so I went upstairs for a listen. looked like a recording studio and sounded utterly sublime.


Next door Stu was playing some brilliant music on his Garrard.

So I staggered back from the car with a bag full of vinyl & we played some faves (and talked bollocks) until 1am ish.

Or with the clock change, was that 2am ish?

Ian Dury, some Dub Reggae and Johnny Guitar Watson sounded sweet from Stu's system.

And it got a lot of +ve remarks from all who heard it.

Looking forward enormously to today.

We're all in for a real treat.


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