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Free Audio Guides from CAD

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Computer Audio Design (CAD), manufacturer of the award-winning CAD 1543 USB DAC, has created a number of free system set-up and optimisation guides, which are now available to download from the CAD website: http://www.computeraudiodesign.com/computer-setup/

With computer audio destined to be the dominant source of high-quality music in the home, CAD’s Proprietor and Chief Engineer Scott Berry has applied his vast knowledge of computer audio set-up and system optimisation, to create a series of free guides for anybody wishing to get the best sound from their Windows PC.

The guides were conceived during the exhaustive research and development phase of the 1543 DAC, where a comprehensive range of media playback packages, drives and even operating systems, were tested over a period of many months to find the best-sounding partnering equipment and software.

Originally created for purchasers of CAD’s 1543 USB DAC, the PDF guides, which contain a wealth of free information, have now been uploaded to the CAD website and are accessible to anyone looking to optimise their PC’s sound quality. The guides contain recommendations on media playback software and optimisation, file formats and CD ripping, plus step-by-step information to help configure Windows systems for optimum playback performance.

Three main guides are available: Windows Recommended Audio Playback Software set up, Computer Audio Design Windows 7 and Windows 8 Audio Optimization Procedure. The first, ‘Recommended Software’, is a 10-page PDF guide written for entry-level users, with simple advice on playback software and help with set up and optimisation for Windows; more comprehensive ‘Optimization Procedure’ guides are available for Windows 7 and Windows 8, covering computer audio in far greater depth and focusing on the computer as a dedicated transport.

The guides cover a number topics from best-practice CD-ripping to hard drive technology and for advanced computer users*, contains a comprehensive guide to software modifications for optimum playback performance.

A similar guide for Mac computers is expected to follow shortly.

*Important disclaimer: the information within the guides does not constitute advice or a recommendation and the procedures are only to be implemented entirely at consumers’ own risk. CAD cannot be held responsible for any resultant computer issues that may be encountered.


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