Keyboard warriors, backstabbing and a place to stay away from has been the cry of many HiFi businesses when it comes to forums and rightly so, many are filled with school ‘bully-boy’ tactics where if your ‘words’ didn’t fit or your remarks were not ‘clever’ enough you would be treated to a barrage of abuse……it is little wonder why the forum playground had no attraction to serious businesses, until now.

Seven months ago HiFiWigwam set about changing that perception, new software, new administration and moderation of the 60,000 membership together with clear set business goals……and in the knowledge that it was going to be a hard struggle to change the mindset of a demographic that simply did’nt like change coupled with an ‘out-cry’ of turning it into a profitable business……pistols at dawn.

So against all odds, discussions began, meetings attended and plans discussed. Some businesses refused to talk, some upfront about not wanting to get involved with forums and one well known HiFi Review company said that by being associated with HiFiWigwam would look bad on their business.

One of those businesses, Elite Audio, simply got it! They saw potential, embraced the vision and HiFiWigwam worked hard to put together a plan that would work for both businesses. Mark Cargill, owner and visionary of Elite understood the passion and drive and decided to put a three month trial in place which would be heavily monitored and analysed through traffic and more importantly sales. He also understood the need to ‘get more directly involved’ with the members, as most saw businesses as faceless and un-approachable.

Results from the trial have been overwhelming in terms of site visits, interaction and sales. Elite have signed a long term contract to become the first trusted partner of the new HiFiWigwam. Not only will they advertise on the site they have also committed to exhibiting at shows and more importantly given our members the chance to save thousands of pounds with exclusive products at prices unachievable anywhere else on the net.

HiFiWigwam’s new Media Platform covers all bases, a new look forum, TV/video, PR & marketing, new online store, member reviews, advertising opportunities and a healthy bedrock of discussions by a fantastic membership which is growing fast.

The landscape has changed, more and more professional HiFi businesses are looking to engage with this alternative but unique untapped potential.

To add this potential to your marketing and advertising mix then email sales@hifiwigwam.com

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