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Hush Speaker Isolation Platforms

It was with some curiosity that I took the opportunity to spend some time with these speaker isolating platforms from Hush.  The pair I received came in a very attractive oak wood and the construction looked to be of a very high quality. The top platform is made of Black Valchromat a material that is some 30% stronger, stiffer and tougher than standard MDF which sits suspended within the oak surround.  Both plinths measured approx 40cm x 50cm and arrived fully assembled. The only setup required is to screw the four brass feet into each base and place the speakers centrally on top.

For the purposes of this test I was using my Zingali Overture 3s floorstanders and a pair of Heco Celan 300 standmounts on a pair of shot filled Custom Design Reference stands weighing in at some 26kg each. The plinths are available to order for weight requirements ranging from 15-40kg.

After speaking with Bob at Hush I was interested to hear what he was trying to achieve. Was it an improvement in audio performance or were the platforms purely isolation components? He was sure that there would be little to no variation in performance and was indeed correct as I could find no change in presentation with either speaker when using the platforms. However saying that some may find a otherwise merely due to the change in height of the drivers once on the plinths. The tweeter level will be raised by approx 3.5 inches.

So how best to test them? Well I have a cellar in my house which although not underneath either system room still has a fair amount of noise coming through when either system is playing. For the purposes of the test I picked a couple of tracks playing at an average level of 90db with a consistent bassline. Measurements were taking using the readings from the Android Sound Meter db app.

Firstly the Zingalis which were playing on a solid concrete floor at one end of the living room but halfway down the room the concrete stops and a suspended floor extends through the remaining length. From my cellar I was getting an average reading of 60db which reduced down by 10db to 50db when using the plinths. If you consider that a 10db drop translates to around a 50% decrease in audible volume then this is a good result. Moving on to the second system where the Hecos sit on a suspended floor with a good 9” void below dropped a lesser amount from 40db to 35db in my cellar and in the bedroom room above.

So in summary if you live in a house or flat where you need to cut down on the db count to adjoining rooms or properties these will definitely help. It’s not a cheap option but one well worth consideration.


Single platform prices range from £490 – £500 depending on weight requirements (10% discount available as a pair).

Manufacturers website:  http://www.rjcaudio.co.uk/

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