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Lenco to launch PlayLink wireless multi-room audio system

Due for UK release in September



Using the AllPlay smart media platform, which offers wireless streaming of local and cloud-based content across brands and both iOS and Android operating systems, the PlayLink range provides consumers with the latest developments in audio technology, unlimited listening experiences and the freedom to enjoy music at home with new
The AllPlay smart audio module is integrated within each of the PlayLink products, creating maximum wireless connectivity and removing the need for an additional bridge product to connect to the router. Setup is therefore simpler than ever before, as the AllPlay platform offers high quality audio for everyone, from demanding audiophiles to everyday music fans.
AllPlay is built upon the AllJoyn™ software framework, an open source software and services framework and collaborative open source project of the AllSeen Alliance. AllJoyn enables hardware manufacturers and software developers to create interoperable products that can discover, connect and communicate directly with other AllJoyn-enabled products.
Bluetooth is another fast alternative for connection to mobile devices or other peripherals not equipped for Wi-Fi. The PlayLink range is also compatible with NFC-enabled devices, meaning music can be played instantly from just one touch between the two devices.
Music lovers already equipped with their own Hi-Fi equipment can also enjoy enhanced wireless streaming through the PlayLink range, without replacing their existing system. Through connection to the wireless router, the PlayConnect box enables wireless streaming for the existing system, as well as the possibility to link it to other wireless devices.

The PlayLink range consists of two portable wireless speakers and the PlayConnect box which transforms existing audio systems from any brand into a wireless music streaming system.
The PlayLink speakers provide a high-quality music experience in any room of the home, or multiple rooms at the same time. PlayLink 4 is the more compact of the two speakers, offering increased portability and potential for outdoor use through a removable battery. The slightly larger PlayLink 6 meanwhile brings maximum power and connectivity for the ultimate audio experience.

Any song in any room…

The PlayLink speakers can be used as a single product in a single room or as a vehicle for whole-home audio with the use of multiple speakers under the Party Mode and Multi-Zones functions. With this wireless expansion, each PlayLink speaker can play the same music simultaneously or different music in different rooms, controlled from the same device.

Cross-brand compatibility under the AllJoyn framework allows PlayLink speakers and smart audio devices from other manufacturers to be linked and controlled simultaneously from the same source. Up to 10 devices, including existing systems through the use of Lenco’s PlayConnect, can be linked at any one time, with multiple users able to control these devices simultaneously via AllPlay.

…from any source at any time

The PlayLink range lets users stream all the music they love, from an almost endless list of sources. In addition to local media sources, such as a smartphone, tablet, PC or network-attached storage (NAS) device, a wide range of cloud-based sources are supported including a multitude of Internet radio stations and online streaming services such as Rhapsody and Napster.

The PlayLink 4 and Playlink 6 speakers have been designed to support high-resolution ‘lossless’ audio files of up to 24-bit/192kHz, such as FLAC and ALAC, which replicate as closely as possible the quality of sound produced in the studio by musicians and audio engineers. Sound quality therefore remains at an equally high level whether listening to local media or cloud-based sources.

Main product specifications for PlayLink 4 and PlayLink 6
Speakers –       1x extended range boomer in bass reflex system-       2x high-performance mid-range/tweeters
Amplifier Class-D digital amplifier (DSP-based) with three outputs (one per speaker drive)
Stereo mode Pair two PlayLink speakers which will serve as left/right channel respectively
Offset drivers 6° angle shift from speaker axis to improve stereo effect
Music Services
Party Mode Up to 10 speakers connected simultaneously
Multi-Zones Create multiple audio zones and control from different mobile devices
Playlists Manage directly from your mobile device
Internet radio Tune in allows unlimited access to over 70,000 stations worldwide
Audio files Support and decoding of the most widely-available audio files (AIFF, M4A, MP3, FLAC, AAC, ALAC)
Modes of connection –       WiFi to home router gateway (no need for bridge)-       WiFi direct to mobile device-       Bluetooth

–       LAN: RJ45 cable input connector (PlayLink 6 only)

–       Aux In: 3.5mm stereo analog input

Dual-band a/b/g/n for a perfect connection in 2.4 GHz and the new 5GHz WiFi band
DLNA DLNA-compatible for one-to-one streaming (DMR function)
WPS Press the WPS button on your router for an automatic link with the Lenco speaker WPS buttons
Dimensions PlayLink 4: 210 x 102 x 129 mmPlayLink 6: 280 x 124 x 172 mm
Control and operation 4 buttons and one LED give access to main speaker functions:-       Stand-by/ON power key and Volume +/- keys-       Mode key (Wifi/BT/AUX)

–       Multi-colour LED indicator

Suggested retail price PlayLink 4: 199 euro
PlayLink 6: 299 euro
PlayConnect: 149 euro
PlayLink 4 removable battery: 49 euro

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