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McIntosh announces new tech-rich 600-watt monoblock power amplifier

Proprietary Autoformer™ technology ensures all 600 watts can be delivered to the loudspeaker

Binghamton, NY, USA, February 7th, 2018: McIntosh, the global leader in prestigious home entertainment and ultimate-quality audio for over 65 years, has introduced the new MC611 Quad Balanced Power Amplifier (£19,995 per pair).

McIntosh has launched the new MC611 Quad Balanced Power Amplifier. The new high-power monoblock amp offers a number of key updates and improvements over its predecessor, the MC601. Primary among them is a doubling of filter capacity resulting in a dramatic 55% increase in dynamic headroom (from 1.8dB to 2.8dB) helping to improve the bass frequency performance.

Proprietary Autoformer™ technology

The MC611 Quad Balanced Power Amplifier produces 600 watts of power – enough to drive virtually any loudspeaker. McIntosh’s unique Autoformer™ output technology ensures that the full 600 watts are delivered to the speaker, regardless of impedance, allowing the MC611 to be truly used to its full potential.

Design improvements

There have also been a number of design upgrades. The front panel features new direct LED backlighting for improved appearance and colour accuracy. In addition, on top of the unit, the audio Autoformer and power transformer are now contained in new glass-topped enclosures. The amplifier also features two McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks™ which connect to advanced high-current output transistors that help eliminate thermal equilibrium lag-time.

The back panel offers three sets of McIntosh Solid Cinch™ speaker binding posts (one set for each speaker impedance) and additional space has been added between each set to allow for easier speaker cable connectivity. Further enhancements include heavier gauge internal wiring, upgraded circuit components and the addition of McIntosh’s eco-friendly power management system.

Further McIntosh technologies

In addition to the improvements over its predecessor, the MC611 also features a range of further exclusive McIntosh technologies including: Power Guard®, Sentry Monitor™, a Quad Balanced design and Power Control. Both balanced and unbalanced outputs are included to facilitate bi-amping or tri-amping loudspeakers; these can also be used to send the audio signal to a secondary system or to connect a powered subwoofer.

The MC611 sits on a beautiful polished stainless steel chassis and features the timeless McIntosh aesthetic of a black glass front panel, illuminated logo, control knobs, aluminium handles and a large 8” (20.3 cm) fast-responding blue watt-meter.

Pricing and availability

Orders can be placed now with authorised McIntosh dealers with shipping expected to begin in February (US) and March/April (UK); £19,995 per pair

Contacts for publication

McIntosh is distributed in the UK by Jordan Acoustics

Tel: 01202 911886

Email: mcintosh@jordanacoustics.co.uk

Web: www.jordanacoustics.co.uk


Press contact

For further McIntosh information, images or review products, please contact

Dan George on +44 (0)7899 808918



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About McIntosh

Founded in 1949, McIntosh Laboratory is known for offering distinguished quality audio products, superior customer service and the ultimate experience in music and film. All McIntosh products are handcrafted at the Binghamton, NY factory by over 150 employees with a passion for music and the McIntosh heritage. McIntosh continues to define the ultimate home entertainment experience for discriminating consumers around the world, with the iconic “McIntosh Blue” Watt Meters globally recognized as a symbol of quality audio.

Since its inception, McIntosh has been powering some of the most important moments in music history and pop culture. From President Lyndon Johnson’s inauguration speech to Woodstock to the infamous Grateful Dead “Wall of Sound,” McIntosh has not only witnessed history, it has shaped it. With McIntosh, customers have the ability to create their own premium audio experience – and truly live their music. Visit www.mcintoshlabs.com to learn more.

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