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Munich High End News

For those Wammers going to the Munich show here a few exhibitor news items that will be of interest.




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Leema Acoustics, the internationally respected hi-fi manufacturer founded and run by two ex-BBC sound engineers, will be at High End this year with a wide range of Welsh-made hi-fi, including the new high-performance Libra DAC (£6,000).

Based in Halle 1, S10, Leema Acoustics’ stalwarts Lee Taylor and Mallory Nicholls will be debuting the new Libra for the first time in mainland Europe. The new flagship DAC will be joined by the Hydra II stereo power amp (£ 3,595), plus both the Xone 2.5 floorstanding speakers (£1,750) and the diminutive new Xen 2 micro monitor (£1,295).

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Tannoy will be rocking this year’s Munich High-End audio show with three new floorstanding loudspeakers. The Revolution XT 8F is the flagship of the new Revolution XT series, boasting the 200mm (8.00in) version of the all new Omnimagnet Dual Concentric driver with matching 200mm bass driver in Revolution’s signature trapezoid cabinet. This latest iteration features twin-cavity port loading and a downward firing port for deep bass and easy room placement.

Building on the strength of the Definition series, the high efficiency Definition DC10Ti will be demonstrating power and finesse in equal measure. With its contemporary curved cabinet, 250mm (10.00”) Dual Concentric driver and mass-loaded stabilising plinth, the 10Ti is set to catch the eye as well as the ear of Munich visitors.

For traditionalists no High End Show would be complete without a Tannoy Prestige model. This year’s Prestige hero will be the Limited Edition Turnberry GR with its Alnico Dual, custom crossover and unique LE trim. Tannoy will also be displaying the entire revolution XT series, the Definition DC8Ti, Limited Edition Precision models and an exciting new finish option for the mighty Kingdom Royal.


Chord Electronics


Chord Electronics is set to launch an exciting new reference-level product at High End, Munich. The new device will be revealed on the opening day of the show. Its introduction will mark the end of an era for one of Chord’s best-loved devices, but will showcase Chord Electronics’ extraordinary capability in high-end digital audio.

No idea what it might be but pop along to Room C122 in Atrium 3 to find out!


Absolute Sounds


Absolute Sounds distribute a comprehensive selection of eminent audio brands exclusively in the UK
Below is a list of brands to be found in Munich and their show locations
Artesania: Atrium 4, 2nd floor, F221/F213; Halle 2 M11/N08
 Audio Research: Atrium 3, D111; Halle 2 M02/M04
 Constellation Audio: Atrium 4, 1st floor, F118
 Copland: Atrium 3, C118; Halle 3 J03
 Crystal Cable/Siltech: Atrium 4, 2nd floor, E229
 Dan D’Agostino: Atrium 3, D111; Halle 2 M02/M04
 EAT: Atrium 3, D111; Halle 2 M02/M04
 Jadis: TBC
 Krell: Atrium 3, D111; Halle 2 M02/M04
 Magico: Atrium 4, 1st floor, E107/F118
 MartinLogan: Atrium 4, 1st floor, F116
 Metronome Technologie: Atrium 4, 2nd floor, F222
 ReQuest Audio ‘The Beast’: Atrium 4, 2nd floor, F228
 Sonus faber: Atrium 3, D111; Halle 2 M02/M04
 TechDAS: Atrium 4, 2nd floor, F203/F221/F224
 Transparent Audio: Atrium 4, 2nd floor, E217
 Wadia: Atrium 3, D111; Halle 2 M02/M04
 Wilson Audio: Atrium 4, 2nd floor, E217
 Yter: Atrium 4, 2nd floor, E207


Tune Audio and Modright


Tune Audio will introduce their new horn loaded sub-woofer during the  show.

Named KION due to the revolutionary shape and capable of 23Hz flat frequency extension, it will be paired with Tune Audio’s established Anima three way horn loaded speakers, ModWright Instruments electronics, VPI turntables and Skogrand cables.
You will find them at Atrium 4, G02, room E215

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