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Music, HiFiWigwam and a reputation.

As this is a new venture for HiFiWigwam, a surprise to me (in a good way though) and maybe many that are reading this as to why I was asked to head up the music part of this review section of the site. I can only say that it is a privilege to be asked, I foremost have a passion for music thats been with me since I was a teenager and this had lead me to a interest in HiFi to ring the best out of my ever growing collection, and that collection is not just a narrow or a focused few genres, I on the whole listen to and enjoy the vast majority of genres out there and I hope this was part of the reason I was picked, though to many this could be a strange decision as I also have a reputation on HiFiWigwam and among many who frequent the very enjoyable social gatherings called “Bakeoffs” that happen every year of a shall we put it, an “unusual” personal taste in music.

This though for me has overshadowed the fact that at those same bakeoffs where I have played some of the more challenging parts of my collection I have delighted listeners with new discoveries such as Bon Iver, The XX, Fleet Foxes, Thievery Corporation, I’ve played “Audipohile” stalwarts Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Steely Dan, blown listeners minds with electronic acts that challenge your notion or what constitute music such as Autechre, Venetian Snares, Burial and have also been known to throw in some Mahler, Beethoven and Sibelius at times, this is interspersed with loads of different bands and artists from the past 50 years of modern music. This is all intentional on my part and not just some thrown together music selection, I think about who’s bakeoff it is and pick some albums that they might like, some that I like and some that will get the masses chuntering “you call that f*&”king music”.

The thing that fires me most about music is the huge diversity of styles and genres that exist and I want to explore them all and if I can inspire many another music lover along the way then that is a big Brucie bonus. So the notion of having a terrible music taste to me is a strange one because we all react to music in different ways so there is no “bad taste” in music just personal taste, though I will say that people who dismiss certain music offhand irritate me and those with very narrow tastes bemuse me as well but I’ll never call their musical taste bad. I hope that with writing this overview of me this new review section will become a place of discovery for those looking to broaden their musical horizons and discover something new whether its cutting edge Electronica, traditional Blues from the 20’s, insightful Folk or masculine bombastic Rock. I’m thinking of this part of HiFiWigwam to be an extension of the wonderful music room where I spend most of my time and energy, music is a many splendored thing and the reason to own a quality HiFi in the first place and something I personally think many “audiophiles” forget.

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