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NEC Display Solutions’ Collaboration With Raspberry Pi

NEC Display Solutions will be sharing an open platform modular approach with Raspberry Pi, enabling a seamless integration of Raspberry Pi’s devices with NEC’s displays. NEC’s position in offering a wide range of display solutions matches perfectly with the Raspberry Pi, the organisation responsible for developing the range of low-cost, high-performance computers.

Originally developed to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools and developing countries, the original Raspberry Pi delivered good performance at a very low cost. However, the latest Raspberry Pi 3 compute module boasts significant performance and networking capabilities, making it the perfect for NEC’s display.

With a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, the board is no longer just a basic computer for coding but a reliable intelligent device with unlimited possibilities. In addition to the standard Raspberry Pi 3 compute module, NEC will also offer a customised model to meet the specific performance demands of the display industry.

Being an incremental part of NEC’s Open Modular Intelligence (OMI) platform, the Raspberry Pi 3 seamlessly embeds with NEC’s new range of professional P and V Series large format displays. The new displays allow easy access to embedded intelligence smartly connected to Internet of Things (IoT) for digital signage as well as presentation use. The elegant design of the displays is suitable for smooth installations in any environment. There’s also the chance to customise the screens to individual needs, making the displays a reliable solution anywhere and anytime.

This technology collaboration, the first between a display manufacturer and the Raspberry Pi creator, helps expand NEC’s market opportunity, demonstrating the options it can offer across a wide range of markets and applications. It also helps demonstrate the B2B applications for the Raspberry Pi, solidifying its position as a platform with a credible feature set for applications in retail, aviation, transportation, education and corporate meeting rooms.

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