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New Dynaudio Focus XD Active Speaker

Next generation high-end audio: the new Dynaudio Focus XD

• Danish loudspeaker specialist presents the next generation of the
high-end system
• Active, digital amplification accepting high-resolution sources
(up to 24-bit/192 kHz)
• Advanced Dynaudio driver technology combined with innovative
digital amplifier technology with 300W, 450W, and 600W output power
per speaker
• Only a music source is needed – compatible with analogue and digital sources
• Integrated wireless receiver

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The Focus XD also represents more than just a new high-end loudspeaker; it re-defines the Hi-fi system itself: Focus XD allows a simplified audio system that merges high-end sound performance with a new level of convenience, with only a music source needed.
The Focus XD series, comprised of the compact 200 and floorstanding 400 and 600 models, provides a perfectly thought out solution for music playback: The digital music signal is transmitted losslessly from the source to the driver and without analogue conversion.
Integrating extremely powerful digital amplifiers, high-performance DSP, its own digital volume control, as well as digital and analogue inputs, the Focus XD is the ideal high-end speaker for modern music listeners.

Consistently digital
The Focus XD is the ideal speaker for modern day music sources. Most audio sources these days are digital: CD players, Blu-ray disc players, high-resolution downloads and streaming from the computer, Internet radio, high-resolution data discs, media players, and music servers. A consistent, high-end system with perfect sound converts the digital music signal as late as possible. The Focus XD is a fully digital active speaker that is connected directly to the digital music source, digitally amplifying the music signal. Using the latest digital amplifier technology, the music signal is not converted into music until the latest possible and most ideal moment: directly at the drivers.

Consistently high-resolution
The Focus XD is the ideal speaker for music playback at the highest level of sound quality. With high-resolution data and music players, a new high-end age has begun. Never before have there been more music titles, download portals, playback devices and computer software for audio playback. The Focus XD works from the digital input via the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to the digital amplifier at native 24-bit / 192 kHz resolution. High resolution files are transmitted from any digital player consistently and completely without loss. The Focus XD has an additional analogue input for playback of high performance analoguesources such as turntables or tape decks.

Consistently active
The Focus XD is not only the ideal speaker but also the ideal amplifier. High-end audio aficionados are always looking for the ideal speaker-amplifier combination. The Focus XD has the ideal amplifier already integrated: perfectly adapted by DSP to each speaker and driver, fully digital and thus highly power-efficient and faithful to the sound of the digital music signal, remote-controllable digital volume control, it delivers sufficient power at all times, with 150 watts power per driver. Each driver has its own amplifier, thus providing the individual Focus XD loudspeaker models with 300W, 450 W and 600W total output power respectively per speaker. Analogue, digital, wireless
Each Focus XD model has direct, high-resolution-capable digital inputs (75 ohm coax) and an additional analogue input (RCA). Since the volume and tone are adjusted directly in the speaker, the only thing required is an audio source. In addition, the Focus XD can be wirelessly connected to the Dynaudio Hub: The Hub accepts both analogue and digital audio sources, such as computers, Bluetooth receivers or televisions, and sends the audio signal wirelessly to the Focus XD speaker. Multi-room and multi-source system installations are also possible.

Individual sound adjustment
The Focus XD has a speaker position EQ with which the bass response can be finely adjusted to the room acoustics. This way, with a speaker setup near a wall or corner, the bass energy can be reduced in order to achieve a balanced playback. Similarly, the highfrequency range can be discreetly raised or lowered. All properties are consistently adjusted digitally and are thus lossless. The input sensitivity on the Focus XD analogue input can be adjusted with analogue music sources.
The best Dynaudio drivers with a newly-developed woofer
The heart of any high performance active loudspeaker is not the analogue or digital amplifier technology, but the speaker drivers. Even the most advanced amplifier technology is no substitute for tweeters and woofers delivering first-class sound quality. For this reason, Dynaudio has been developing and manufacturing innovative transducers in Skanderborg, Denmark. In the Focus XD, first-class Esotec+ woofers and tweeters are used. Extremely lightweight aluminium voice coils, the specially-developed MSP membrane material, silkfabric tweeter domes with precision coating, rear-vented drivers with low-resonance cast aluminum frames are characteristic of Dynaudio and are employed in the Focus XD. The completely new, ultra-long-throw 18W54 Esotec+ woofer has been developed for the top-ofthe- range Focus 600 XD model.

Elegant finishes and quality workmanship
Dynaudio is renowned for first-class finishes and workmanship. The Focus XD models are available in satin white and satin black lacquer as well as in rosewood and walnut real wood veneer finishes. The remote control is designed in black aluminium. spike o Outrigger feet with integrated spikes are an additional key feature on the floor standing models: With a few simple turns, the spikes are exposed and the speakers can be leveled for stable positioning on uneven floors, while for sensitive floor surfaces they can be completely retracted into the feet. Like all Dynaudio speakers, the Focus XD is built in Skanderborg, Denmark.

The Focus XD models

The Focus XD production starts in late October 2014 with the following models:
Focus 200 XD – Digital high-end active-compact speaker with a 2-way amplifier and 300 watt power.
Focus 400 XD – Digital high-end active standing speaker with 3-way amplifier and 450 watt power.
Focus 600 XD – Digital high-end active standing speaker with dual woofers, a 4-way
amplifier and 600 watt power.

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