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New headphone amp from Epiphany Acoustics

W_EHP-O2Di Front Side


We are pleased to announce that production of the new EHP-O2Di headphone amplifier/DAC is well under way and will be available from Friday, 4th July for just £179.99.

What is it?
The EHP-O2Di is an upgraded version of the current EHP-O2D. The innards remain the same with their award winning performance (see below for the latest comments from Hi-Fi Choice!) but we have modified the connections to make it a much tidier, neater and flexible amplifier for the home environment. The changes are as follows:
Power entry has been moved to the rear.
The front input jack has been removed and replaced by RCA sockets on the rear. These RCA sockets also double as the line out from the DAC section, allowing you to connect the EHP-O2Di to an external amplifier.

These changes incorporate the most commonly requested modifications we are asked about and, although fairly minor, will allow the EHP-O2Di to fit in to your set up much more naturally.

Hi-Fi Choice Review
Neville Roberts of Hi-Fi Choice has awarded the EHP-O2D/EHP-O2Di the Recommended badge.

“The sound produced by the EHP-O2D is full and easy to listen to over a wide range of music. I do rather miss the 192kHz support, but this does not detract from an excellent performance with 88.2kHz abd 96kHz music.”

“The EHP-O2D is a superb all-rounder that represents excellent value for money.”

This backs up our belief that the EHP-O2D/EHP-O2Di really does offer some of the best performance possible (excluding at 192kHz of course!), especially considering the price.

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